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Thread: CSS or CN??

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    Default CSS or CN??

    Hello! I just booked our vacation for CSS.... never been to Jamaica or a Couples Resort..... now my husband came home and said he had heard wonderful things about CN! Looking at the pictures, CN looks a little more updated?? Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference in the two? Should I just keep CSS as booked, or see if I can transfer reservation to CN? HELP!!

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    Both resort are great.

    The big differences are:

    CN has a bigger and better beach, but it has locals, vendors and others on it.
    CSS has private beach without outsiders.

    CSS is most Romantic resort out of the four.

    Should you switch, only you can answer that. But at one time your heart told you that CSS was it.
    Irie Mon

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    CSS and CN are very different resorts. We love both of them and the Couples vibe, service and food are equal at both of them. If you picked CSS originally, stick with that. You won't be disappointed. You can always go to CN next time!
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    Thanks for the input guys!! Thats what I wanted to hear!! Looking forward to our trip! YAY

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    Beaches at CN are much nicer, you can walk for a good distance. I liked the food selection better at CN. The beaches at CSS are small

    The rooms are nicer at CSS.

    The have room service at CSS, wonderful!

    The a/n beach at CSS is much better and private

    Very few vendors are allowed on the beach at CN

    If you like to take walks on the beach then you should select CN or CSA.

    If you are going to use the a/n beach then CSS is much better than CN

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