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    I am planning my wedding to be at CSA. But the thing that is really important is to have our first dance. I am not sure how to go about doing this. Should we have a private reception? Would this include music and a place to dance for all of our friends and family to see? We are planning to bring our own music. I am so confused and stressed about the reception going well and everything that I am wanting. How is the music played? A little cd player? Should I get a dj?
    Any advice would be very much appreciated

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    I have this same issue...I'm planning on bringing my own music too. I think I am going to email Debbie Hall to see what is my best option.

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    We were just married at CSS on Nov. 2nd DO NOT STRESS. make your cd's with your playlists tell your wedding coordinator when you get to the resort how and when you want what played and she will take care of the rest. We had our first dance on a gazebo over the sea it is something I will remember forever. and all we had was us 2 and the CSS wedding crew to watch and to take pics for us.

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