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    Default What should I be doing?

    Okay, I am almost 4 months away from my wedding at Couples and just want to make sure I am doing everything I can ahead of time.

    wedding bands--check
    documents to Jamaica---check
    photographer---working on it

    Any advice on something I am forgetting or need to know ahead of time. Any past brides, please let me know. I am starting to feel the pressure.


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    Just a suggestion on photographer, Diana Campbell is amazing and has very reasonable prices, plus she's so sweet and personal! Just a thought on that.

    Some other things you might think about would be if you're planning on getting your hair done for the wedding at the salon, you should find some pics to take w/ you that show how you want it. Some waterproof make-up, especially mascara! Oh, and a CD w/ 5 songs! And that's about all I can think of at the moment, sounds like you have it under control. If I think of something else I'll repost! Good Luck!

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    I just got married at CN on 11-24 and you have everything done. They will meet with you the day after you arrive at the resort to go over all of the details. I got my hair done at the resort and they have books of pictures for you to look at.

    I used the resort photographer and kept everything (flowers, cake, music...etc) very basic. I thought it was lovely and I could not have been happier. It was totally stress free.

    Relax and ENJOY!!!

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    I agree I would go with Diana! Me and my husband used her for our wedding and I think that was our best decision besides getting married! What ever you need she can do for you. I would contact her and you two can discuss what you want and need, you won't be making a mistake I promise.

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    were getting married on the 8th of jan and having the resort photographer but can anyone tell me how much roughly Diana charges and for what, id appreciate the help! many thanks

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    One of my favorite things was smashbox primer and model in a bottle setting spray. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but what I did put on I did not want it to come off with the humidity. I was so very impressed with both of these products. My makeup still looked as if I just put it on even after playing pool volleyball that late afternoon.


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    We used Diana for our photography at CSS on November 18, and she and Richard are exceptional! Please contact her by email...she will get back to you, most likely within a day, and will work with you on a price that's right for both of you. She's very reasonable and her and Richard love doing wedding photography, so they do what they can (within reason) to work with you on an agreeable package. You cannot go wrong with them! Here is a link to their website:

    Good luck!

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    What Jamaican documents do you need? I've already sent everything off and received the confirmation letter that the documents have been processed.

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    Hiya Tommyboy2009

    I contacted Diana for a price at CSS in November and she gave me the following details:
    All the images on cd (250 or more)
    2 or 3hrs shooting time
    The venders fee

    All the images on cd (250 or more)
    2 or 3hrs shooting time
    A DVD slide show with some of the images with music (you can play at reception)
    The venders fee

    I hope that helps

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