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    Default Hooooow do you pick??

    HOW DO YOU PICK WHICH RESORTS, WHICH ROOMS, HOW MANY DAYS??? AHHHHH Honeymoon booking is so over whelming! Can past couple goers pass on some pictures and information, please!!!

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    My wife used to be a NY girl in Tx when I graduated from college back in 1979 and we moved there for my first job. Hope it's working out for you.

    Well back to your question which is a tough one considering the awesome Couples resorts you have to choose from. We've been to CTI and CSA which both have their pluses and minuses. My best advise is to look at the pictures and descriptions on the website and choose the one that calls out to you. We've been to several Caribbean islands, Cancun and on cruises but Couples is our favorite vacation. Spend at least 7-10 days there or you'll definately feel cheated on your bus ride back to the airport. Here is my humble opinion.

    CTI is smaller and has more of a hotel feel to it. The staff is great at making you feel like family. The beach is not very long if you like strolling on the beach. It has undergone an awesome renovation which I'd love to checkout sooner or later. They also offer the free trips to Dunn's River Falls and for horseback riding. Also if you like sunning in the buff there's the island it's famous for.

    CSA is larger and most of the rooms have a more rustic/island appeal to them. The beach is 5 miles long so you can stroll to your heart's content and stop at local shops/bars along the way. You can go topless sunbathing if you don't flaunt it. We enjoyed walking from our room to either end of the resort for our meals through the lush, well kept foliage. The staff is also very friendly but it seemed that we had to engage them in conversation more than at CTI. The sports and spa complex is awesome. I took a few workout classes and the instructor was very good. We loved sitting drinking smoothies watching football on the big screen tv there. And to top it off, CSA has Ultimate Chocolate to entertain you at the piano in the Aura Lounge several evenings.

    The food is awesome at both resorts. There are also people who love CN and CSS so I hope they kick in with their advise as if you're not confused enough Well look at the pictures and I hope that my two cents helps you. I know you'll have a good time no matter what resort you choose. If you have any other questions just ask or e-mail me at

    Here's a few pictures of CSA and enjoy your time in paradise!
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    I based my decision on extensive research and an almost scientific approach to determine the resorts we selected.

    Let's see, if I recall it went something like eenie meenie minie.........

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thank you so much:-) I sent you an email as well:-)

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    We went nuts our first trip trying to decide as well, we chose CN and returned the following year, then tried CSS last year, this next trip was almost an eenie meenine type thing, but 3 other couples from home are joining us, and they had not been to CSS so it was easy.

    Keep looking at the pics in the website, the rooms are exactly as they are in the pic's..... The resort you keep going back to is the one for you.

    CSS and CTI are located in Ocho Rios, CN and CSA are in Negril. We initially chose Negril because of the beaches. Negril is known more for the beaches and Ocho Rios is said to be a bit more lush. Sometimes it helps to choose the destination first and then the resort unless one is truly calling to you.

    If you are leaning toward Negril CN is on Bloody Bay approx 2-1/2 miles of beach shared by only a handful of other resorts. CSA is on Seven Mile Beach shared by most of the other resorts, clubs etc. CSA does not offer any A/N option if that is something you want.

    CSS and CTI are located on private cove beaches, one upside to that is there are no vendors.

    CSS has lots of steps because of the fact the resort is built into the side of a cliff. In my opinion, it is the most romantic of the 3 and perfect for a honeymoon!

    The only resort I have not been to is CTI, that will be covered in April on a trading places day.

    Nobody can tell you which resort is best for you, you have to go with your gut. Continue to gather information, look at the pic's and the resort will indeed choose you. You have the first part right, Jamaica and will have a wonderful honeymoon regardless which resort you choose.


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    We chose CSS because it is the one that called to us. I know it sounds repetitive of what everyone else will say but frankly that is what you have to do to decide. We chose CSS because we wanted a smaller resort with nicer rooms and that was romantic. CSS was all of these things and we love it but there is not a couples resort that isn't romantic. I know that CSS and CTI have remarkable staffs that make you feel as if you have always been there. I would assume that CN and CSA have the same. If you want to try the natural area, then CSS is the one for you! It has a nice beach if you aren't comfortable with being natural so just you and your loved one can be together. Again, it really depends on what you are looking for but one thing is assured: once you go to couples you won't go anywhere else! good luck!!

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    All of the properties are wonderful, if your not a control freak (like me ) do the SR, that way you don't have to choose. Or eenie meenie works too!

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    lol #1.. relax! i was super stressed as well (wedding planning is fun but o-man does it take a lot of work!)... SO -- relax with this planning. you will not regret it! We LOVED LOVED LOVED our honeymoon to CSA!! No stressing about the budget or time or ANYTHING-- just relaxation! haha shoot.. now i'm making myself want to go back! e-mail with questions if you have any

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    lovin'lagers you definatly got the stress part right!!! Not only am i planning a wedding and honeymoon. I am planning a NY wedding from Texas lol.

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