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    Default CSS Walking Paths

    It will be our first time to CSS this Nov. We've heard that the walking paths include several side paths that lead to secluded and very private areas. Is this information correct?


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    Yes, there are walking paths all over the place. We were there for a week and I think we found all of them while exploring. But, if you are trying to get somewhere, you will figure out the most direct route and stick with it.

    There are some secluded and (somewhat) private areas, but don't be surprised if you think the coast is clear and someone walks up on you during a hug and a kiss with your sweetie. It happened to us multiple times!
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    Yes and no. There really aren't any walking paths per say. Just the paths that join the various buildings. The path from the main beach takes you up past C & D buildings then takes you down to the mineral pool. You can venture out to a Gazebo, or down to a natural sprint grotto from this path, both of which are private. The path from the mineral pool up to the lobby, E,F, & G buildings is secluded, but not a "side" path. There is a hot tub just above the mineral pool that is secluded.

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    what about the path to Sunset Beach or the one that does around the pond behind the beachfront suites?

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    There's also the path that goes around the lake - definitely take a stroll around there - lots of wild life - even a mongoose if you're lucky to see him...

    And you can't really miss this spot, but it's my favorite - make sure you walk down the stairs near the mineral pool to the archway that leads to the ocean - aka "Drift Away" (There's also a sauna at the bottom of the steps that is carved into the rock - unfortunately it was closed last time, but hope they have fixed it by now)

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