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    Can someone tell me the latitude and longitude for Couples Swept Away? I tried searching online but couldn't quite get the location. I am looking to get a necklace made. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Swept Away Coordinates

    Hey, that's a very cool idea. I found an interactive site at the following URL:

    When I zoomed in as close as I could get to couples Swet Away, it resulted in the following coordinates:

    Map Coordinates
    of Selected Location
    Latitude:N 18 18' 40.9901"
    Longitude:W 78 20' 18.7238"

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your time in Jamaica mon!

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    1818'41.0"N 7820'18.7"W

    On Google maps I just zoomed in to CSA, right clicked the label and clicked "What's This?"

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    The center of the Lobby Latitude is 18.311376, Longitude -78.337478 according to Google Maps. To find any Lat/Long, Right-click a place or area on the map, then select What's here? Under the search box, an info card with coordinates will appear with Latitude listed first, then Longitude. Give it a shot if there's a particular location you want to find. Each location is a bit different, but anywhere in the resort will be 18.3, -78.3 so that would be good to put on the necklace. More decimal places would narrow down to a particular building.

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    1818'42.1"N 7820'18.6"W will get you on the beach at CSA.

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    According to Google Earth, the CSA lobby is at 1818'40.89" N by 7820'14.75" W


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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    According to this website: "EASY TO FIND US! Our accommodation GPS coordinates: 18.2957041 (Latitude), -78.3378638 (Longitude). Please read more about Couples Swept Away facilities and Couples Swept Away policies on this page below."
    Hope this helps!!

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    not sure how accurate you want to be, but the nearest main cross point looks like 18 degrees north and 78 degrees west to me.

    Negril in general seems to be Latitude: 1816′00″ N Longitude: 7820′59″ W

    according to

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    Thanks everyone! So nice of you to take the time to help me out. On one side of the necklace it has latitude and longitude of the beach at CSA where we were married and the other the date of our wedding. Can't get enough reminders of my two loves. My husband and CSA. <3

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    This is a cute idea! Maybe a cool tattoo too!

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