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    Default What is CSA really like??

    Ok, I have been all over the message boards and the Couples website but I can't get a feel for what the resort is like. I have seen tons of pictures of weddings and they look great but what does the resort look like? Is it old? The pool in the pictures looked kind of old and I just want an idea of what to expect. Thanks!!!

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    Default its a WOW

    Let me tell you, have no fear!~! The place looks exactly like it does in the pictures. I know what you're saying- they always put their best foot forward on line.. but what's it really like...

    THe rooms are beautiful and clean!! The restaurants are romantic and beautiful. The food is AMAZING. There are bars 10 steps in every direction and the pools were very clean. I didn't feel like "ewww i need my sandals on at all times.." It was every thing we dreamed of and i can't wait to get married there!!

    Hope this helps!

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    I also want to reassure you. I spent the majority of a week barefoot. Even in my wedding dress. The dress was even clean after walking around the beach and resort. My DH and I spent the first 2 days stating how we can't believe how little we paid for such a grand place. Okay, the rooms are not glitzy, but the cleanliness and the remainder of the resort more than make up for the age of the rooms. The staff, service, food and overall ambiance are first rate.

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    You won't be disappointed. The pictures don't really do it justice. The food is outstanding, the service is excellent. The resort is very nice. I can't wait to get back there.

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    We stayed in the Atrium suite top floor. And it was exactly like the picture. I believe the bathrooms had been updated before our stay which was 11-7-09, and they have a walk in shower, nice vanity with raised sink, shaving mirror, all tile floors, a very comfortable bed, the A/C was nice and cool - we only used it during the night, because we were never in the room during the day, the hammock was great, the patio and view were fabulous. I wanted to get close to the beach but the cost was little over our budget, and I was NOT dissappointed with our room at all. In fact we had guests that stayed "beach front" and they were beach front, that liked our room better. You do have to shut all the shudders every night, but it was kind of fun to see who do the most the fastest. And the room cooled down very quickly, that was my main concern.

    The grounds are well groomed, no trash anywhere...ever, and the restuarants are all wonderful, the food is great at every restaurant. You ought to try the meat patties at the grill, they were my favorite and they have meat and chicken, I liked the meat.

    I can't say enough about the resort and will definately be back.

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    I'd be happy to share our pictures of CSA ( Here are a few...
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