We just returned from our third visit to Couples San Souci. What a beautiful and serene place. What I love most about San Souci is that you can party or you can be alone, to think - or maybe better, NOT think, to swim or float in tranquil, clear waters, to paint or photograph pelicans swooping down to join the ducks on the pond, or dangle your feet in the cold mineral spring.

Sometimes you'll have a pool all to yourself. Sometimes you have a staff member all to yourself, like Fluffy and me playing Scrabble even while she was keeping a director's eye on the entertainment setup for the evening. The grounds and buildings have been so expertly cultivated and maintained over the years that San Souci has the true ambiance of an old world village.

How would I describe the Spa treatments? Well if you don't have one you are nuts: a warm stone massage with doves cooing and cool breezes gently blowing through your hair, or waves rhythmically splashing against the rocks below your peaceful little treatment gazebo. Heaven!And you can eat all you want of the delicious food there because you are going to walk it off or swim it off or work it off at the gym!

The suites are comfy, the staff is superb (having our bed turned down each night totally spoiled me)! For us, there will be a fourth visit and a fifth visit and a sixth. What's your favorite memory of San Souci?