I'm new to the boards, but I have a tendency to stalk boards before joining - so I am somewhat well-versed.

I booked my honeymoon at CSS for October 2010; we're staying in a one bedroom beachfront (Jacuzzi = <3). It's a long wait, and everyone's posts make the wait even harder. Being a senior in college, I spend my time in class reading posts on these boards and looking at pictures. It's an interesting form of torture! They also make it easy to harass my fiance about what we have to look forward to - he has to tell me to hush!

I do have a question about bottles of wine or sparkling wine - are you able to get full bottles in the rooms at CSS? I know my parents stayed at a S 11 years ago, and my mom enjoyed telling the waiter to just leave the bottle of wine with them at the dinner table. I love sparkling wine in the tub, so being able to get a bottle to share with the future hubby in the tub would be amazing.

Also, we're young - we'll be 22&24, so I'm curious how many people roughly in our age range would be there next October (11-18). Not that age matters - it's just a number!

Ah, so excited! I don't even want to figure out the number of days I have to wait.