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    Default Blue Shower Gel at CN

    We're headed to CN on Sunday!!!!! I saw a post recently about the toiletries at CN and it did not mention the blue shower gel. They've always had it before, so I figured I'd check with you guys before I dragged my own all the way down there.

    So, as of very recently. does CN still provide the blue shower gel?


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    CTI did not have it this go-round.

    I miss that smell.

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    Hi Abbynewt,
    CSA had the blue shower gel when we were there a couple of weeks ago...not CN, but I would assume they'd all have it...except KrisJamie noted above it wasn't at CTI. I hope someone from CN can help with this.

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    Nope, it's gone! sorry!

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    Now that you mention it, I don't rememer it being at CN. There was the shampoo and conditioner, massaging soap, and another soap. There was a tube of aloe vera body lotion which was very nice, and a tube of aloe vera after sun.

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    If you mean the blue "Bath Gel", then yes, it was at CN and CSS last March. I even posted a picture of it from each resort.
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    Abby, We were there three weeks ago, and there was no Blue Gel soap in the bathroom. All of the soap was in bar form. Have a GREAT time!

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    There was no blue shower gel during our stay at TI the week of 10/31-11/7. We had a great time, the staff was excellent, always went above and beyond, we have now stayed at all 4 resorts and have to say that the service was fantastic! My heart still belongs to CSA, but I will return to any one of them in a heartbeat. Please don't do away with the blue shower gel!

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    Sorry, no more blue gel.
    Irie Mon

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