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    It is the late afternoon of the day before Couples eve. I have been trying to remain at least semi-responsive. I can give you my name, address,.............. that's probably all I can remember right now. I have the attention span of a gnat. In the five minutes since I sat down here, I have left the room three times, paced back and forth for a couple of minutes, then returned to these keys. I know that you couldn't tell, but I just left the room again.
    Tomorrow morning I will get up at 3:20a.m., work from 4-10, and then I will have the whole rest of the day. The whole long, rest of the day. Once I get home, I won't be going out again. Oh no. Not so much because of the cold weather, it's just that I don't trust myself to operate machinery, handle sharp objects, or have to make any kind of decision. None. Nada. Zip. I can not be held responsible for any dribble that may appear to be coming from my lips. So I feel it is better for the society at large that they should not see this dribbling, wide eyed, somewhat unsteady, old man. Not a pretty sight. It could do irrefutable harm to the children , seniors and stray cats. No. I know my limitations. Although right now, I don't think that I could name any.

    I know that what I am experiencing is not so unique. Anyone who has ever gone to any Couples resort, knows exactly what I'm talking about. You go over the check list of the "things to do". There are lines crossing out every item on the list. Done. Everything. Really is done. But I, you, us,will go over the list one more time. We will ask our partner, again , if they packed the whatever. And they will tell us, again, that they did. They sound a bit testy.
    This is what it is like for, what appear to be "normal" adults. However, these particular "grown ups" ventured to the island of Jamaica. There, they scattered about the island. To explore and find the fabled "Couples experience". Now these same, upstanding, dependable citizens of the world, claim that they have not only discovered the much sought after elixir of peacefulness and playtime, but it is there for anyone who has the courage to navigate their way to the shores of salvation.

    We can rise and testify that there is in fact a real live active "Couples experience". In fact, there are four, I say FOUR totally different, unique, gorgeous romantic settings for a wide variety of individuals. For the beleaguered patron that must make that sometimes difficult decision as to which experience they would like to have, there is a very simple answer. Regardless of the resort you wind up at, the "experience" part of your stay there, will blow you away. You can not make a "wrong" choice. There is not one "experience" that is better or best. There is no need to burden one's self with unnecessary and unpleasant stress. If it's Couples, it's correct.

    Each time we make this pilgrimage of resplendent revitalization and renewal, it strengthens our bonds, puts order and civility back into our lives and allows our spirits to soar in the magnificent environment that we have come to know as Couples. I'm on my way home.


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    by the time you read this it will be Couples Eve for you and Syl.

    have a wonderful trip Richie.


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    Well said!

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    Have a wonderfull trip, I am hoping that our experience will be as wonderful as everyone else's....I know in the past when we vacation I felt abit excited, but not like this and considering I have just over 22 weeks to go but who is counting....I will keep you posted......

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