I am hoping that some of you that have gone to CTI can tell me more about the resort. Even better would be those that have gone to both CN and CTI. I really miss CN and long to go back, but it seems like the price has gone up so much there that I may not get there. The price for CTI right now though may be the resort to try. I have some concerns and things that make me "afraid" to try it though because CN is my favorite right now. We did try CSS last spring and although it is the most beautiful of all, I missed CN due to many reasons, so here are my questions:

1. I see they have a free upgrade right now for premier Ocean view room. Where is that located? Is it close to where the nightly entertainment is because that was one of the problems we had at CSS. We could not go to bed early because the nightly entertainment was too close, loud and kept us awake.

2. Do they have drawers to put your clothes in. They did not have that at CSS and I hate living out of a suitcase all week.

3. I hear the staff at CTI is awesome. Although I have not met them, I do love and miss the staff at CN.

4. Of course I do know the beach is smaller, but private. The beach is another thing we love at CN. Is the beach at least sandy and not too many stones/rocks? Is the ocean rough? It was very rough at CSS and so I did not take the glass bottom boat ride because I get sea sick easy.

5. I'm not sure I'm one for AN. Never tried it, so the "island" does not really matter, but you never know it may be the first time.

6. The other thing that kind of has me not wanting to go there is that per the pictures it seems to be the one resort that does not have much of the "island feel" because it seems to not have much on palm trees and tropical vegetation as CN. Nothing of course compares with the beauty and tropical vegetation of CSS.

Thanks for any honest information you could give us.
Karin and Jim

PS if we go it will be 3/20-3/27 next year.