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    Default June 4 - 12

    My Future Husband and I have our Honeymoon booked with couples! We are doing a split stay. First four nights will be in Ocho Rio's at CTI and Our following 8 nights will be at CSA!

    Just wanted to see who will also be at CSA Fri June 4 - Sat June 12

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    Best of wishes to you and your future husband.
    We will be at CSA June 8-16. It will be our first time too. 6 month 24 day and 4 hours till we leave for airport but whoes counting.

    See you and your Hubby there.
    ( oh my DH is from TX )

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    We should def meet up for a drink!

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    Sounds great, frist round is on us! LOL.

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    Forgot to ask what room did you pick? We are going to be in an Atruim. Still a little worried about the no glass and bathroom wall not going all the way up... But I guess we can just turn on the radio right?

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    We booked the Beachfront Verandah suite. I have never been to couples so i am not too sure... how about the weather? what have you heard about when we are going?

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    My understanding is the weather really doesn't change all that much. That we will probably get some rain either in the morning of afternoon, but not all day ( all that green it's got to watered somehow right?) Someone posted a weather site, you can go back and look at last year.

    So I am thinking for DH and myself it won't be the heat but the humidity that gets us. We live in yuma, az are use to hot ( 115 in summer). But I would rather be hot or rained on in Jamaica then at Home.!!!!!

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    Hahaaa, Yea I moved to North Texas back in January as my Fiance is originally from Texas, and I am originally from NY. I thought I wasn't going to be able to handle the summers here... I have to say my first one was not too bad! I actually enjoyed it down here. Although I do miss the Beach, FH & I our last apartment in NY was on the beach:-( But as for if it rains I will take good friends, good times, good drinks, with it all! Are you on FB?

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    Yes I am on FB. Real name is Vicki Barrientos. ( email is

    Have you gone done to Padre Island yet? We go there everytime we go vist DH family. of course if you live up north it would be a bit of a drive.

    I'll keep a look out for you on FB. Only 6 month and 16 days untill We are on our way, this may be the longest 6 months of my life.

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