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    Can anyone help with the diving at CN. We are going to be there the first week of Nov. What sort of dive sites do they take you to? Do they offer deep dives? My wife is not certified but wants to take the resort course. Can I dive with her?

    Also andy feedback on the condition of the equipment. I dove with another operator in Negril and ended up with a BC that had a slow leak into it. It made for a short dive as I had to keep bleeding it off to stay on the bottom.


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    Here's some info:

    Dive Sites (those deeper than 60ft are limited to AOW rated divers)

    The Arches 33 ft
    Deep Plane 90 ft
    Gallery 30 ft
    King Fish Point 70 ft
    Shallow Plane 50-35 ft.
    Throne Room 38 ft, drops to 70ft
    Million Man Cave 60 ft or so
    Frenchman Reef (but we call it Frenchman's Hole) 60 ft
    Sands Club Reef 35 ft
    Fantasy Reef is usually the night dive site - 25 ft

    Generally, they do not allow certified divers to go with the resort divers. If your wife chooses to get certified, then she would go out on the same boat at the same times we go out, but she would be dropped off at one of the training sites with the DI. No worries -- I was certified on a different trip than my husband and the dive instructor takes WONDERFUL care of his students.

    Equipment: All Sherwood regs & BC's. I would say that most are in good shape, but as they are used every day, they can take a beating. We dive our own gear, but used theirs when we first started going to CN.

    We LOVE the CN DIVE team!!

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    You will LOVE,LOVE,LOVE CN diving! I have all my pictures on Google Web Albums, Kait Meeker, Negril Jamaica Scuba. We have gone diving there 9 times and we were certified there by Sugar both for OW and AOW. We love the Guys there, so helpful. The water is perfect and so much to see. The equiptment is very nice and in good repair. Sherwood BCs. We bring our own fins, masks and dive computer and camera. Their fins are small. She will learn with Sugar but dive with you in a day or so! They have a deep dive in the am if there are enough certified divers. Night dives are $50 and there must be at least 3 people. They are NOT to be missed!

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    Do you have to pass a swim test?

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    You do have to pass a swim test. Just like if you were certifying anywhere with PADI. I have a question about CN diving. It sounds like they maybe stick to AOW divers only diving one time per day. Is this the case? At COR we were able to dive both dives without any problem, we just had resort course people with us on the afternoon dive. Anyone?

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    Swim test is carried out in the dive pool behind the water sports centre - it consists of a 10 minute float and 8 lengths of the pool.

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