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    Default Couples negril - repeater's dinner

    Hi All,
    Does anyone know if the repeater's dinner is still on Monday nights? Also, has the location changed from Lychee to Helicona? I am currently looking at the restaurant days and hours and it's Helicona that is closed on Mondays now so I am wondering if the location for the repeater's dinner has been moved outdoors.

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    Hi! When we were there in July this year, the repeater's dinner was held in the Helicona and it was on Monday night. It was a great time!!

    Hope you all have fun!!

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    Thank you!

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    Awesome. When we went to the first two, they were both at Otaheite, but because the weather was nice, they did it on the pool deck. The third was at Lychee, and the last one I'm not sure, because we had friends along and decided to skip. Planning on going next month, so kind of pumped for another new venue. Thanks for the info!
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    Our first was Otahiete, then the next few were in Lychee but as stated above it has been moved to Heliconia.
    I prefer the A/C for a nice dinner like that, but the numbers of repeaters are driving the change, and I guess that's a good thing!
    Come on April!

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