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    Default CSA Tennis Schedule (group sessions/matches)?

    Hello. Looking on the Activities page and the Fitness schedule, the tennis times are no longer listed. I seem to remember there was a group session with the visiting coach starting at 8am (intermediate level), but is that still true? Are there still drop-in mixed doubles tournaments in the afternoon? If anyone has the times and can post them, would be greatly appreciated. At CSA 22-28 March. Many thanks!

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    Bumping up, hoping for a reply... please?

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    Someone posted a photo on the CSA FB fan page the other day with fitness schedule. Tennis clinics are listed.
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    Visiting Instructor has an Advanced clinic at 8 AM, Intermediate at 8:45 AM, Beginners at 4 PM, and a Round Robin at 5 PM Monday through Friday. We also try to book private lessons with the local pros, as soon as we arrive and then another lesson a few days out every time we go to the clinic. Each person can book 30 minutes and you can combine them for an hour couples lesson.

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    Many thanks g8rgirl and Mark W. Have been to CSA previously and really enjoyed both the visiting instructor classes/tournament, and also the 30 min resident coaching sessions. :-) Just didn't want to miss out on our first full day, as we arrive late on a Sunday. Very helpful both of you!

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