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    Default Proposed fix to the buffet v ala carte issue at the Palms CSA.

    If the move to buffet is to accomodate the large group dinners talking place there which slow service to a halt for the non group diners, which I have had happen several times during the last 2 visits, why not serve these groups "family style", they do it at some restaurants here in MI. Put out platters/bowls of the pre-picked menu items, ie meat/poultry and sides, and let them serve themselves and let the rest of us enjoy our ala carte menu. We really enjoy checking out the menus in the afternoon to decide where to dine that evening. Can't do that with a buffet.

    Option 2, serve the groups their sit down plated dinner in one of the private banquet rooms in the Great House, and provide some sort of entertainment for them there. The wedding groups are priced differently already so factor the cost into their package.

    I am a high level employee in HRI here at home so I am not talking out of turn.

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    What is HRI?
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    I think It's Couples Swept Away..... NOT Groups Swept Away... Right?

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