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    Default CSA Cat Cruise schedule?

    Anyone have the days and times for the Cat cruise and glass bottom boat?

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    The glass bottom boat you reserve through the water sports shop next to Sea Grapes Cafe. I believe it goes out twice a day.

    The Catamaran cruise you reserve through the concierge or the tour desk. It leaves everyday from the beach by the water sports shop at 3:30. You travel down to the coast listening to music and enjoying rum punch and Red Stripe while dancing to music, arrive at the caves. At the caves you can jump off the side of the boat, go down the slide or exit the boat via the stairs. You are given time to swim through the caves and swim around in three water. You get back on the boat and travel down by Ricks Cafe and watch people jump, view the light house and turn around to return to the resort while watching the beautiful Jamaican sunset. Be sure to so bathe Cat cruise at least once. You can do it more if you want to.

    I'm fairly sure I have the times correct and this is if you are staying at Swept Away.

    Ya Mon
    CSA 2012, 2013

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    Thanks. I didn't know if it ran everyday or not.

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    If you drink, take the life vest. We are not strong swimmers when we drink are we? The slide is fun. Drinking is fun.

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    Lemme get the schedule we had. We just got back on 8/10.
    Ok, you have to reserve at the Concierge.
    Cruise does not go out on Sunday and Thursday.
    Meet at 4 p.m. at Water Sports.
    Boat leaves at 4:15 p.m. I rec getting there early!
    Cruise lasts between 2 and 2-1/2 hours.

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