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    Default 2018 Early Booking Specials??

    Hi Carey,Have you heard when Couples will be offering their early Booking Bonus? The last 7 years we have booked for the following year in Feb/ MARCH WITH DISCOUNTS AND RESORT CREDITS? Hoping they continue to offer this. This is how we can afford to come see our Family in Jamaica!!!! Hope they continue this!

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    There were some comments on FB today regarding these offers but I cannot see them either, can someone point us in the right direction please.

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    If you look at the "Check availability" section, you will see the rooms and rates. They are now showing $1046 as the regular rate for the Deluxe Garden room and the "Special Promotional Price" of $553 per night. I'm not sure how that room and the resort are worth $1046 per night. The discount rate jumped about $40 per night. I got a special rate for booking within 7 days of returning home and got a $217 discount on a week's stay, which was cheaper than what I just paid. Although I didn't get the $250 resort credit for early bird booking, I still have credit for the Romance Rewards. I agree that the prices keep going up, and I may not be able to afford going anymore or not as long. CN didn't look to be at full capacity when I was there last month, but I don't know for sure.

    Duane & Mary

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