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    Are there certain days at Couples Negril that you can go to CSA for the day?

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    Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 10am till 4pm. Just one van load per day so you need to sign up in advance (and have registered for Romance Rewards).

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    Romance Rewards members can visit nearby Couples Resorts (Couples Swept Away / Couples Negril) and (Couples Sans Souci / Couples Tower Isle) using the "Trading Places" pass. Visiting days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4pm and include food, drink and property activities. "Trading Places" are subject to availability, one time per stay. Visit Romance Rewards for more details and to register for our rewards loyalty program.

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    If you sign up for romance rewards you can do it (any day, I think, but only once per trip?). I don't think there is a regular "let's head over to the other resort!" shuttle bus for casual/spontaneous use. You can ask for the opportunity and they can schedule it for you.

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