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    Default Scooters near CTI

    Anywhere near CTI to rent scooters and explore.?

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    I have never seen any, I would not recomend it myself. The roads are not all wide and spacious, and the driving is a little on the crazy side at times.

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    You will die.
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    I don't recall seeing any scooter rental places near CTI....and I don't believe I've ever seen many scooters on the highway around there. Based on the traffic down there, I gotta believe it'd be a pretty dangerous proposition to cruise around on a scooter in the vicinity of CTI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    You will die.
    Best response ever! Made me laugh on this cold and snowy day!

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    Thanks for the heads up. Trying not to kill myself or girlfriend

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    Good one Wally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjp1974 View Post
    Best response ever! Made me laugh on this cold and snowy day!
    Me too. Nothing there to sugar coat.

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    That was freaking funny!!! True but funny.

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    Ah, you 'Muricans (I'm one) over-react to the driving in Jamaica. Always makes me chuckle.

    Fraidy cat is Fraidy cat.

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    Just got back for almost 2 weeks exploring Ecuador, with about 5 days of being in Quito traffic. I will say that after that experience anyone could drive in Jamaica and feel safe. Wow.

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    If you take a scooter, make sure you get one with a horn - a big horn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wally View Post
    you will die.
    love love love, ctfu...

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    Bring your own! Hahahaha

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