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    When I have suggested going AN in the past to my wife.....she has been a little territorial about other women seeing me nude. How do you typically address this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspro2 View Post
    When I have suggested going AN in the past to my wife.....she has been a little territorial about other women seeing me nude. How do you typically address this?
    Get her a strong drink and tell her - No worries - nobody is going to hit on you - is that the real issue? It's not like a bar where people try to pick you up - it's about being AN with your significant other. If she wants she can hide you in a corner under a bush - nobody will approach you so you'll be all hers.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    If your wife isn't comfortable with other women seeing you nude, then you should probably not go to the AN beach.

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    Liquid courage helps overcome the shyness..


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    Two words - Rum . . . Runner!

    Kristin and Brian

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    I have a fool-proof way of approaching this, but you have to follow the instructions EXACTLY! Below is what you say.

    Just tell her: "it's (tequila shot) really (tequila shot) a (tequila shot) compliment (tequila shot) to (tequila shot) her (tequila shot) when (tequila shot) people (tequila shot) look (tequlia shot) at (tequila shot) you.

    Worst case, she'll be to smashed to even realize you are naked!


    Brandon And Michelle
    29 Days!!!

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    you have to explain to her that you are still going home with her no matter what happens, and that jealousy is a sickness. Once she has tried the island you wont get her off of it. My wife was the same way the first time we went. She surprised me the first day we were there and said, "okay lets go and see what its all about, but when I say lets go lets go." We went got our spots as far away from everyone else that we could find, settled in and got comfortable, walked down to the bar to get us some drinks, heard alot of screaming from the wife, everyone went running to that end of the island to see what all the excitement was about, there were 3 lobster fisherman in the water splashing and waving there arms, she thought they were drowning, much to her dismay they were just trying to get her to stand up so the bartender told us, she looked down forgot she was naked and that was all it took. So be patient it took 20 years to get her on a "nude" beach, now she cant wait to go. Just remember its a nude beach and not a lewd beach. Hope to see you guys when we get there, and if you get there before we do save us a seat.

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    all great advice....thanks

    still trying to decide between Css and Cn......i like the proximity to the airport, dunns river, and the dolphin cove......would CN be that much better despite the distance?

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    We chose CSS specifically because I too was only willing to go to the AN beach to please my husband, and it was more private than what CN is. CSS is a private beach where CN is on a public beach and from all said on this board, has people from other resorts walking by on the beach. But, which ever one is calling to you the most is the one you should choose. We have no regrets, and are returning to CSS in a few weeks. I am now as much or more willing to return to SSB as my husband is.

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    I have been to both and both are very nice. The real question is what do want? CN has a much nicer beach however the AN isn't very private so you will be seen by textiles and it has no pool. SSB at CSS is much more private but the swimming and beach are not as nice but the pool makes up for some of that.

    Overall the resorts have a very different feel. CN is newer and is on a beach with 4 other resorts. So you have people other resorts wandering through but also allows for you to walk the beach.

    CSS [my favorite] has fewer rooms and a lot less guests. The beaches are mostly private but small so for the most you get to really know the other guests and staff. The hotel is in a cliff and hence a lot stairs. It is older so the rooms are not typical of newer hotels. For me this adds character and that is what I like CSS. I think the CSS rooms are the cooliest rooms I have stayed in. They are old but they are large!!

    Both hotels have limited night life. It is for couples and I think the expections is that you entertain yourself at night [wink wink]. Both hotels will keep you busy and both Negril and Ocho Rios have things to do off resort. One thing I would say is don't stress about it. The drive either direction always seems to take to long but that is more the expectations. There isn't really a wrong choice unless you don't pick a Couples resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspro2 View Post
    When I have suggested going AN in the past to my wife.....she has been a little territorial about other women seeing me nude. How do you typically address this?
    gspro2... two things to add. First, what BillnMarg wrote was right on the mark. An excellent description of CSS, which has a certain "old world character" that is rare in this day and age. And Sunset Beach... well, that is truly a unique spot! If a person doesn't relax on SSB, they might consider therapy. I know that nudity is not for everyone, but you don't know until you go.

    Secondly, (and excuse me), but I'm a bit suspicious that your wife's issue with au-natural is more about her, than about other ladies seeing you. Does she want to keep you locked in a closet? Anyone can "undress" anyone else with their eyes any-old-time, anyway!

    Me thinks the Mrs. is molding her apprehension into another form. My wife and I are headed for Sans Souci in eight days. Yeah! Tell your partner, that the au-natural experience at Couples is all about freeing the mind and about sensuality... NOT sexuality.

    Good luck, and we hope to "see you both" on Sunset Beach some day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbd View Post
    Two words - Rum . . . Runner!
    kbd - may have mentioned before but we are in Omaha as well. Send me a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daire View Post
    If your wife isn't comfortable with other women seeing you nude, then you should probably not go to the AN beach.
    I would tend to agree...if there are jealousy issues w/ either partner, that needs to be resolved, let go, etc... before you go to an AN beach. Otherwise you're setting yourselves up for a possibly disaterous vacation. Jealousy is a totally different issue than shyness. Just my opinion.

    God luck...Dino

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    Since you didn't give a lot of info, I will help as best as I can. My DH and I chose CSS a couple of years ago specifically for the AN section. We did not know if we wanted to go for sure but felt confident we would and if that happened, we wanted to be able to be as private or as social depending on how we felt. At CSS you can enter the area (large area, completely hidden from the textile side) and go down to the beach. There are a lot of grass umbrellas with two chairs and a mini table under each one and they are spaced out quite a bit. This is what we did at first so we could get comfortable without feeling self conscious. Within 30 minutes I had to use the restroom. I mustered my courage and walked across past the pool and bar to the restroom. After stopping to get us two drinks, I went back and told my DH we needed to move to the pool area. Seven days (and a ton of fun with all of our new friends) later we left and are leaving to head back there in 5 days.

    If you suffer from jealousy or other issues, then by all means do not put yourselves in a situation that might ruin your vacation. If that is not the case, you can always try SSB's beach like we did with no expectations or consequences and with the understanding if one of you is uncomfortable you both leave and it doesnt matter. I will advise you both to read as many AN posts as possible because there are so many good people willing to help with explaining how to enjoy the AN area.

    I will promise you this, my DH and I are very married and happy and love only each other.....SSB or any other AN area at Couples is not to be confused with the H resorts....this is a romantic, friendly, environment. You will meet other couples who are just as in love as you are.

    Good luck and have fun!!!

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    Hi and good day from the UK

    My wife didn't thave these feelings but did feel very scared at first. WE recently had an AN holiday in Europe and she now cant't wait for January 5th when we arrive in CTI. If only she had tried 8 years ago on our fiorrst trip there we could have had many great AN holidays since. Still can't look back. I hope sher just gets on wih it and realises that AN people are so much more friendly than their clothed cousins. Sex is not an issue. Have fun.

    Jo & Paul

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