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    I am going to CSA in January, do they show NFL football playoff games? Do they show it outside on a beach or just inside bars?

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    pack a 100 foot extention cord and a spool of coax cable and you will be good to go. On the beach sipping a red stripe and watching football
    make sure you pack your jersey as i am sure your team is counting on you to commit 100% for 60 minutes .. enjoy

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    Default good question...

    I was wondering the same thing... we are going January 16th - 23rd and my husband is so worried he won't get to watch football.

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    I'll also be at CSA during the playoffs and am interested to know this.

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    We've been at CSA during the playoffs and for the Super Bowl. The sports complex has a large screen TV, but they typically show a variety of events, so don't be surprised to see soccer or tennis. However, they did do a big party for the Super Bowl. They had balloons and chairs set up on the beach, along with a large projection screen TV. It was held in front of the swim-up bar. They had a big tailgate before the game.

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    First of all, I didn't see anyone with a computer or portable t.v. on the beach the entire week I was there.

    Secondly, if you have a t.v. in your room they have all of the channels that show the games. Otherwise, go across the street to the sports complex and you can watch the games on their flatscreen. If you have a certain game in mind that you want to watch you may want to go over early so that you can make sure you get to see the one that you want. It's first come first serve.

    They serve Red Stripe, I think Miller Lite and then have smoothies/health drinks. I would have rather that they had a full bar in the sports complex but if you really need something else to drink other than beer you can walk across the street and go grab a drink from one of the bars during a commercial. Don't be afraid to "double-fist" the drinks since it will be about a 5-minute trip there and back!

    Hope this helps!
    Adam & Abby
    CSA October 23rd, 2009

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    The only place you will find tvs to watch football are in your room(verandah rooms only) or the sports complex. No worries, though. You will most certainly be able to watch them at either place.

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    Good FULL response. Thank you HubbyMon

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    Just go to the sports complex and ask to watch what you want. We are going to be doing this for the big12 championship game in 3 weeks.

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    Our solution is simple, since we are football fans always hoping our team will be in the big game, we have learned to book the trip on the bye week in between the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Continental only flies on Sat from our airport so we will have to get ready quick for the party at our house the next day. The timing works pretty well all around. It is far enough away from the holiday season and not during the busy valentines day travel time.

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    We will be there the same time. Playoff time. Maybe we can meet and Watch some Football

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    They also have Guinness on tap at the Sports Complex Bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newtocsa View Post
    We will be there the same time. Playoff time. Maybe we can meet and Watch some Football
    You are going to be in CN in January or another resort?

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    No I will be at CSA

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    We'll be at CSA for the divisional playoffs Sat & Sun (16th & 17th, I think?). We've enjoyed the Superbowl at the CSA sports complex twice (great fun, bring your own munchies over from the Palms) and at CTI (nowhere near as much fun). Hubby is not a fan but if football MUST be watched, better at CSA than anywhere else! Be prepared to have all kinds o' fun and meet folks from all over--see you there!

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