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    Default Weather in March - Couples Negril

    Hi All
    I am getting married in March 2010 at Couples Negril. Everything is book, dress is purchased and I can't wait!

    I just have one question, what is the weather like in Jamaica around March time? I know it will be hot but my wedding co-ordinator from the travel company has asked me to choose a time for my wedding so I've gone for 10am as the water is nice and blue, sun is shinging etc etc.

    Anyway, now I've opted for this time I'm having a panic(!) and thinking that maybe I should have opted for a sunset wedding as it might be cooler?

    I'd really value any thoughts on this or other peoples experiences. I've also booked the photographer Misha Earle to fit around a morning wedding so if I'm going to change my mind I will need to act fast!

    Has anyone else used Misha for their wedding?

    Thanks in advance for any help / advice you can give me!


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    When we were there in June of this year it rained everyday about the same time...which was around 3:00 in the afternoon for about an hour. The wonderful thing was that it would cool off a little because of the rain and the sun would shine again. The deal is you never know exactly when the showers will come.

    For this reason, I opted to have my wedding at 11:00 a.m. I just didn't want to take the chance of getting rained on...though the sunset wedding did sound great. Plus I bet it's a little cooler in the month of March.

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    We got married at 10am and it was extremely hot! The heat was almost overbearing and we had to stop at times while taking pictures and drink water and they kept wiping us down b/c we were sweating so much. With that said, we were up at by 10am every day we were there, which was 10 days total, and it was never that hot on any other day we were there so I'm thinking we just happen to pick a really hot day to get married, more so then the time, go figure Usually, it actually seemed to get hotter as the day went on and then around 2 or 3 it started to cool off b/c of the rain so I would keep your 10am slot. Also, because our photos turned out AMAZING! The colors were so bright and beautiful and you honestly can't tell in the pics how hot it actually was b/c we had such great photographers.

    I don't know too much about Misha Earle but I've read great things about her and I'm sure your photos will come out great regardless of how hot it is, especially since you're using a professional. You'll be so excited when you get married that you probably won't even care how hot it is or isn't, I know that's how I was at least! Good luck and have fun

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    I think you should stick with the 10am time. We got married in October at CSA at 10am and I wore a full on wedding gown and my husband wore a black suit and it was hot but bearable. The water color is definitely more vibrant earlier and since the pictures are all you'll really have once the day is over i really think its worth it even if it is warm. Its going to be pretty hot no matter what time of day you do it, unless its raining!!

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