OK, This is my 2nd Post to this forum (my 1st being on which resort...my fiance and I have decided on Couples Negril)

So, now we are trying to decide which time of the year we should go...any advice is deeply appreciated

This is what we like:

-very "warm" weather (somewhere between 80-85 F...much higher than 85 compromises the comfort level of my lady, and much lower than 80 and its hard to get her in the water because its too cold)

-As little rain as possible (we understand this is a tropical island and it needs lots of rain to grow all the beauty it holds....but we don't want to be kept off the beach the whole time)

-We'd like to avoid the "hurricane" or tropical storm season if we could.

Now, we are reasonable people and we understand that the weather is an unpredictable and uncontrollable force... So, I'm really trying to find the month with the best "chances" that we'll get our ideal conditions.

Also, there are only a few months we can do this trip of ours next year (2010):

I understand that September is "storm season" is that correct? Also, July...I'm worried July might be too hot (not for me-but my other half). So, that pretty much leaves Feb, march or Oct...

Any suggestions? Thank you so much!