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    Default Sending postcards

    My brother wants a postcard stamped from Jamaica. Is there a post office close to send it, or can the hotel do it?

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    The hotels all take care of that for you -- just give them to the front desk. The resort gift shops carry the stamps ($1 USD per stamp) (and, you almost always have to pay cash for the stamps & cannot charge them to your room).

    The postcards we sent from CSS in late August took 8 weeks to get back home. We sent some from another Jamaican resort in May & those took 11 weeks !! It's also taken as few as 2 weeks from Jamaica. You just never know...

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    Thanks! Problem solved

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    The best part about mailing a post card from Jamaica is telling folks how much it costs to send the. I think it uses a $50 stamp.

    (Of course, that's $50 Jamaican, which is more like $.55 USD, but they never have to know!!)

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    Bumping this topic up to ask: has anyone brought postage from home to send postcards?

    Looking at the Jamaican Postal Service website it looks like it will cost me J$100, and using my currency calculator...that's USD$1.17.

    I can get international postcard stamps for USD$.98 at my post office.

    I'm a teacher and want to send cards to my students, so that's enough cards that the extra 19 cents actually adds up!

    I am also wondering if postcards can be bought in the gift shop at CTI, or if I need to go on the shopping trip to get them.

    Thanks! 2 more days, woohoo!!!! I'll be there about this time on Tuesday!


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    Using US postage from a foreign country? I don't think you understand the concept... what would you think if someone from a foreign country used their postage to mail from the USA? It simply doesn't work that way.

    Sorry, but you'll need to use Jamaican postage... and wait patiently for your postcards to arrive after you get home!... Takes a while...

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    We sent my kids postcards on December 27th, 2010 from CN and my son received his February 17th, 2011 and my daughter just received hers on March 7, 2011!!!!!!

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    I don't know about international postage--ask if possible when you visit your local post office. As for purchasing post cards, yes they are available in the gift shop.

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    You must use the local stamps for mailing from Jamaica. The international stamps you get in the US are for mailing letters internationally from the US. They don't work to mail from other countries.

    Yes, there are post cards in the gift shops at the resorts.
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    Don't mail them from the airport! We did and none of the 8 we sent ever arrived. It's been 5 months so I don't think they are ever coming. We have sent them from CSA and they arrived in about 4 weeks or so. I hope they get new postcards at CSA since we already have all of the old ones. Maybe they will since they just did the big photo shoots. I would be nice to see some of those photos on new postcards.

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    Thanks, everyone. I'll be buying stamps in JA.

    Chris, I appreciate your effort to explain--that's not exactly what I was asking, and perhaps I was unclear. In light of a currency that is used in many nations, is it that far-fetched to think there might be an international stamp usable in many countries by now?

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