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    Default AMEX Travelers Checks

    I think I asked this before but missed the answer. In 10 days I will be in Jamaica and CSS for the first time. Should I bring travelers cheques or are they a waste?

    Karen and Brian

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    I haven't used them for years. Money is available at ATMs pretty much worldwide so I haven't felt the need for them.

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    Waste of time.

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    Big waste of time and pain in the butt take cash keep it in your room safe much easier.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I just use cash and my visa for everything.

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    Personally I wouldn't fool with them. You don't need much cash at the resort, and as long as you have a credit card, you should be good to go.

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    We took a little cash ($100) for tip money and only needed to hit the ATM once to go out shopping. It takes so little to go so far, it seems a waste to take cheques. Everywhere you will spend $$$ they take credit cards......its up to you but I felt comfortable taking only a little cash and then using either a credit card or getting more out of the ATM when needed. It is truly all inclusive so only $$ needed for shuttle tipping, spa tipping is needed.

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    They are a waste. Just bring your US dollars. Our dollar is worth alot more than the Jamaican dollar. The Jamaicans would rather have US money. Plus if you cash is your travelers cheques they are going to give you Jamaican dollars in return not US.

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    Just bring some small bills of cash for tipping the non-Couples employees. The only money you will need is if you go off of the resort, or wish to buy something from the vendors. We brought one credit card, and about 250 in cash. Brought most of the cash home, and spent a little on the credit cards for gifts for the grandchildren. So I think travelers checks are a waste of time.

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    You really don't need any money, we just bring alittle spending money and that's it. Enjoy your trip, you will be forever changed.

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    They are a waste! Most of the stuff you will want to buy will be from local vendors who prefer cash (US). And they also will make a deal with you, which is much easier with cash, and they can't give change from a traveler's check. We've been to Jamaica 9 times and have never brought them. Stick with cash and a credit card. Have a great trip!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Thanks everyone. This time next week I will be wheels up and on my way to Jamaica/CSS. I think that I'm just a little amped up.
    Karen and Brian

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    Have fun phillydog! We will be getting to CSS on Dec. 11th....sounds like we might miss worries mon!

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