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    We will be at CTI in 80 more days!!! Geez, I can't wait! We are blessed with the giant spa and gift shop credit. I noticed something somewhere that you have to book your spa appointments ahead. Is that true with the credit? I have no idea what we'll want or when. Someone tell me I dreamed that up.

    Okay, here's another thing: I have about 4 attachments here and I can't tell what they are (can't recall), nor can I figure out how to attach them! When I click on the attachment icon above, the file opens but there's no way to check one off. Any wisdom out there?

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    Hoping to get this post back on page one and someone who can answer the spa credit question. 76 more days!!

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    To use the credits you have to make your appointments when you get there. (If you make them ahead you have to charge to a credit card.) We got all the appointment days/times we wanted so no worries there.

    The first time you have a service they take your certificate and keep it on file and deduct from it as you get services. If you go over the credit you settle up at check out.

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    To attach a file or picture:

    1. Click on "Go Advanced"

    2. Put you cursor over the little picture of the mountains next to the smiley face for instructions.
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