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    Default CTI Premier Ocean Room

    Hey, Dave here and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in choosing our room. We're heading to CTI on 12/6 - can't wait. We have a "premeire ocean room" and was wondering the best building to try to get in to. We are all about peace and quiet. We can always go find the party when necessary, but really want a very quiet, serene, room. I think the website said the the "premeire ocean" rooms are in building #2 and the Main building. Any direction, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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    Building number 2 is right next to the patio where the nightly entertainment is....the main building is where we stayed, but we had an ocean jr. suite, which is located on the 4th floor, no noise up there.

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    We just got back from CTI and we had a Premier Ocean room. We were in 3318 and it was mostly quiet except for an hour or two, on two different occasions, when the pool bar got a little rowdy. They closed at 6 pm so after that it was VERY quiet. People were just having fun and laughing tho - nothing too obnoxious. We slept all 8 nights with our doors open so we could hear the waves. It was perfect !

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    just got back
    started out 3202 main bldg just above piano bar
    found out karaoke means can't sing - it was too loud so we switched to 3218.
    this room was somewhat larger, much larger balcony with a slightly better view.
    imho, the farther away you are away from the piano bar the better.
    we go to bed early (10ish) and like it quiet......real quiet, so any noise is a distraction.
    the problem is that there is no break wall between the rooms and the piano bar or floors for that matter. there is an opening for drinks at the piano bar just outside the stairwell and the sound resonates up the stairs right into the room at the top of the stairs.

    as an aside, i belive the room #;s are Building:Floor:Room
    e.g. 3218 is Bldg 3, Floor 2, Room 18

    hope this helps,

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    We were there in July and were actually very concerned that our room would be loud because it was right above the lobby in the main building...but it was actually VERY quiet! I think any room you get, you are going to be happy with. Maybe all depends on the neighbors you get. ;-P

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    We just got back from CTI two weeks ago. We had a Deluxe Ocean View in Bldg 1, Rm 1204. I think the only difference is which building you are in. To us, the location was PERFECT. We were actually the first people to occupy that room.

    Our view of the ocean was great. At night when the entertainment was going, we could shut the sliding glass doors and not hear anything. Later, I would get up and open the doors, letting us hear the waves and the tree frogs. Coffee on the balcony every morning was superb.

    Just my two cents worth from our fantastic stay at CTI. We're already making plans for our return trip next year.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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