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    Default netting for doorway??

    I read a while back about someone carrying netting to cover the doorway so they could sleep with the doors open and hear all the night sounds. This sounds nice. What would I need to get and dimensions?
    Leaving 11/27 for CSA. First time to Jamaica. We are so excited, but trying to figure out what to take.
    Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary!

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    Were they there in the summer? We have never had a problem with bugs in the winter, when you are going. We sleep with the doors open, as long as you are on an upper floor.

    There is a short time at sunset when the mosquitoes get a bit active...but that's the only time we've been concerned with the doors being shut.

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    We were at CTI the 2nd week of November. We slept with the doors open every night and never had a problem. The doors weren't open at dusk, but that's because we weren't in the room!
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    Thanks WandA and Janicek for the information. Glad to know I don't need to run buy some netting, much less try to figure out how to put it up! We think we will enjoy sleeping with the doors open to hear all the night sounds. Better than piped in spa sounds. I requested an upper floor so maybe they will grant the request.
    By the way Janicek, we are close to you in Blackshear, GA near the Florida line!

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    Default netting

    I'm not sure how the posting works. I replied back to people who posted about my netting question but I don't see it. Do you post at the end of the last response or at the top where you began a new thread?
    Anyway, thanks again to WandA and Janicek for your help. Glad to know I won't have to deal with netting. Janicek, we are pretty close to you. We are in south Georgia (Blackshear). I can't believe it is supposed to be in the 30's when we leave Thursday morning!

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    Default Netting


    I am the one that wrote about the netting. We always go in December and January. Others there with us do sleep with the doors open no netting and tell us they do not have many bugs in the room as long as all lights are off.

    We do not want to worry about it so we take the netting.

    If you go to the net, search for bug netting, you will find all sorts of sites that sell it in bulk. Do not get the ones for screen doors, more expensive and have magnetic strips for installation, but the frames at couples are wood.

    I bought the bulk netting, at least 5 feet wide, and 8 feet long. Cindy sews heams on it so it doesnt unraval. We take a few tacks , the ones with the colored ends on them, We only use 2 tacks in each upper corner, and place our shoes on the netting on the floor. ( didnt want to put more holes in the wood then needed. Use the same two holes each night.

    We hate bug bites, and the $20 - 30 for the netting was worth it for us.


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    I'm glad that you asked this! I remember reading that same thing and wondering about the dimensions and if the same goes for CN. I know I'm a wuss, but the idea of leaving the door open without netting makes me a bit twitchy. I know the giant land crabs aren't coming for me... or are they?

    298 days and counting! LOL

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    depending upon the room you are staying in it may be a screened window with a wooden shutter inside... the older 2 story buildings at CSA, for example, were that way unless they upgraded. Didn't some of the rooms have sheers that pull over the doorway? I'm thinking of the newer 3 story buildings at CSA.

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