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    Default Best Vacation Practical Jokes

    I know that this site and Couples are devoted to the romantic side of things but I would love to hear some of the best practical jokes played on you, your spouse or travel companions while on vacation. A good laugh is healthy as long as you truly know your intended target and the response you will get.

    Here's one to start:

    We went away to the caribbean for my wife's milestone birthday. I hid some zinc in my luggage and then on her birthday I offered to give her a nice back rub while speading some suntan lotion on her back on the beach. I pulled out the zinc after the lotion was spread in and wrote how old she was in large thick white numbers on her back. I then coaxed her into taking a long walk along the beach with me (a large sangria in hand of course). People that we passed on the beach or that were following us, were pointing at her, laughing and occasionally raising a glass behind her back to quietly say cheers. She had no idea until she saw the pictures that were taken upon our return to our loungers. A few years later we still laugh about it.

    She is a great woman with a good sense of humour and a mild temper...thank goodness!

    Any other jokers out there?

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    I would have been buried in Jamaica.
    You got stones...

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    OH I guess as a die hard April Fool I must reveal the truth of a 2006 April Fool that was played on dear ole Tommywommy while at CN.

    After a night of drinking and soaking in the nude hot tub it was time to retreat to the room for the evening. Low and behold my loved one said "I want a morning continental breakfast." Well earlier in the day I found out that Tommywommy had the room on the opposite end from us. As I filled out my card to hang on the door knob the rum induced thought came to mind Hey! TW always got up early to send his emails, Send him an early continental breakfast too. So I filled out the card for a 5:30 am delivery. Snuck down the walkway (in the nude) and hung it on his door. (without getting caught)

    The next morning as we sat out on the balcony enjoying our continetal breakfast we could hear the staff heading for TW's room. As we heard the KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK you could hear me snicker.

    Needless to say ole TW has become the character in the game "Where's Waldo" as he knows what some other April Fool might do to him when he comes to Jamaica.

    I almost went the whole week without letting him know WHO sent it. Hard to keep a straight face when he is interrogating you.

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    I wonder if he ever go the pizza that was sent to him while he was at CSS?
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