We were at CTI from Nov 1 - Nov 9th and had a perfect wedding/honeymoon. We got married on Tuesday afternoon and had a private dinner booked for that night. When we got down to the beach there was a HUGE apple outline made up of candles and the word "love" next to it - also in candles. The staff members were all taking pics of it with their cell phones so I am guessing it was a new design. It was such a surprise. The filet mignon/lobster tail was fabulous - and we cannot say enough about our private server Adrian C. We fell in love with him. When we got back to our room that night it had candles lit and rose petals all over the entire room - it was sooo beautiful. We have been to Sandals before - but Couples has made us friends/customers of their's now for life ! We cannot wait to go back for our one year anniversary and see our CTI friends again. The staff - from the fella who cleaned the beach (Waterbird-sp?) - to our wedding planner Maxine - to the servers we became friends with Ryan S and Adrian C - to the social directors - Kadian and Marlin - we could not have been more impressed with generosity of spirit these new CTI friends extended to my new hubby and I. If you have any doubts about the Couples resorts - get rid of them...they are unfounded. We have nothing negative to say about our entire visit to CTI except that 8 days was not long enough. We cannot thank CTI enough for making our wedding/honeymoon just perfect !