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    Default September 24th-October 2nd, 2010

    Just wondering if there is anyone else that is going to be there during that time. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and his birthday with a few friends. We are always up to meeting new people and hanging out. We would love to hear from you and get some drinks together while down there. We can't wait, less than 10 months (finally!)

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    We will be there September 29-October 6th. It will be our second time and we will be celebrating our 12th anniversary. Let's see if we get more people on here going at the same time. We would love to meet up for a drink. Margi and Mike from Kentucky.

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    So what is your favorite thing to do at CSA Margi? Do most people hang at the swim up bar or on the beach? I know more people have got to be going there during this time. If not it sounds like we will have the resort all to ourselves!

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    I like to veg out a lot at the beach. Normally we hang at the beach earlier or go snorkeling and then mid-afternoon go to the swim up bar. It gets lively there in the afternoons. There will be tons of people at CSA during this time, but not everyone reads these message boards. The last time we went we had a meet and greet and there were only 2 other couples that showed up. It was still a blast! We'll have to get one going while we are there. Plus, more people will show up on this thread once it gets closer. So, have you been to CSA or any of the Couples resorts before? Are you going to be celebrating anything?

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    We will be at CSA from Sept.29-Oct. 10,2010. Would love to do a meet and greet party. This will be our 4th trip to Paradise. We also are from Kentucky.

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    Loveinjamaica, we would love to do a meet and greet also! We live in Prospect, KY (suburb of Louisville), where are you at? This will be our 2nd trip and we can't wait! Margi

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    Do you have your flight booked yet? Where are you flying out of? I haven't booked anything yet. Last time we drove to Cincinnati to get a cheaper flight. Let me know if you have any ideas which way we should go. Thanks for any help.


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    We live in Corbin,Ky (southeast part, not far from the Tn. line. We definitely need to have the Meet and Greet party--we'll try to start a thread on it closer to time if you would like to. This is weird--last Oct. we drove and also flew out of Cincinnati because of the cheaper airfare. I've been doing some research and so far the cheapest is out of Atlanta--they offer a Park and Fly so we are probably going to drive to Atlanta the day before and spend the night--this way we will save about $200 per person so far. Where are you guys planning to fly out of?

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    We will be there Sep 23-28 celebrating our 5th Anniversary. This is our first trip to Jamaica and we are very excited! We are originally from Ohio, but we live along the coast in Wilmington, NC now. We'd love to meet up with some other couples while we're there. Anything we should know about Jamaica or CSA before we come?

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    Yea! More and more people for end of Sept-early Oct.

    NCcouple-you are going to love CSA and we will definitely have a meet and greet. We'll post something closer to the date. CSA is great. The beach is the best and they will even bring you drinks while you lay out!

    Loveinjamaica, I was looking into flying out of Atlanta too, but it is more than 6 hours away from us and that would be quite a drive after vacation. I am still keeping an eye on Cincinnati and Louisville. I hope the prices drop at some point. I think I only paid $340 for our tickets last time. This time, so far, the cheapest is $500+. Can't wait to meet you guys. To bad we have to wait so long. I love CSA!!!!

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    Default CSA Sept 27-Oct6

    Kim and I are getting married Sept 25 and will be honeymooning at CSAfrom Sept 27 thu Oct 6. This is both our first time in Jamaica and are looking forward to meeting new people.Anyone else from NY going at that time? Love to hear from anyone who is planning on being there at that time. Feel free to contact me at See you there!!!

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    Hey Kevin. Congrats on the upcoming marriage. I am not from NY, but love the city and state! We are going to be there are the same time, but we don't come in until 2 days after you guys. We will definitely have to do a meet and greet and have some drinks together. You are going to have the best honeymoon. What type of room are you in? I have only been to CSA once, but let me know if you have any questions. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    We have an Atrium Suite. We are really excited to go. Like I mentioned, this is both our first time to Jamaica. We will definaltely have to meet for drinks. We should be well settled by the time you get there. Definately keep in touch until then. I am sure we will have queestions. Talk to you soon....

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    You are going to love CSA. Jamaica is a poor country and so your ride to the resort will be both beautiful and interesting. Once you get to CSA it is paradise. I've heard the Atrium Suites are very romantic. Great choice. Have a great night.

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    Default Sept 27th thru Oct 6

    The Count is on!! Time is going fast and I can't wait to get there. What are some good drinks down there on the Island?? I am suprised nobody else is on this thread. Come on people let hear from you!

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    My husband and I both like the Hummingbird. Any of the martini's at the Martini Bar are fabulous and lots of people like the Miami Vice. I've also heard, and I need to try this next time, that if you ask the bartender for their specialty that you won't be disappointed.

    We'll get more people on here as the date gets closer. Are you getting nervous for up coming wedding? You are gonna have the best honeymoon.

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    Hey Margi, Not nervous at all. I am really excited to get married. I am more axious to get to CSA with Kim. We haven't been away together alone yet, so it will be really cool. What day do you and your husband arrive again? I want to make a note of it this time. You are getting there a few days after me I think. ANyway, I definately want to go to Ricks,Margaritaville and take the sinset cruise. It won't be on the first day but somewhere along the way. As it gets closer we have to set a day and time to meet at the swim up bar. Looking forward to meeting you. Been chatting here for a while...SPeak to you soon...138 days left!!

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    Kevin, my husband, Mike, and I will get to CSA on Wednesday, September 29th. We leave on October 6th. This will be our second time there and we will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on October 3rd. Make sure you try the snorkeling. It is so relaxing, cool, and romantic. You are gonna be amazed at how relaxed you will be since you haven't been away together as just a couple. There are no kids running around and you can just lay around and do nothing, or you can be as active as you want.

    We will definitely pick a day and time to meet. I know there are a few other couples on here too, so hopefully we'll get a few people to show up. That is really cool you aren't nervous. I think that's a good sign. You are gonna love CSA.

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    Hi just wanted you to know that my wife and I will be arriving and departing the exact same days as you guys. We live in Gonzales Louisiana and can't wait to go home. This is our fourth trip to Jamaica and our second to Swept Away. We went the same time last year and fell in love with the place.We have another couple arriving the same day but they are leaving one day later than us. Hope to meet ya'll . Sept. 24th-Oct2nd 2010!
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    Yeah! Another couple. Welcome Wayne LeJeune. This will be our third trip to Jamaica and our 2nd time at CSA. We have three young kids and CSA is our heaven. Can't wait to meet you. By the way, what is your favorite part of CSA? Favorite food? Favorite drink? I like to try new things.

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    Hi Margie, I love the Jamaican Jerk sauce on just about everything when I am there. Of course I am from Louisiana so spicy food is a must.As far as my favorite drink I drink the daily specials mostly when we are there. Of course when I'm really in a drinking mood I like to shoot flaming Bob Marleys. Look farward to meeting ya'll and passing a good time1

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    Hey Wayne, There is another Louisiana couple coming...I think CindyandDan? Check the other two Sept-Oct thread and they are on there. I can't wait to have a nice cold drink while laying on that beautiful beach.

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    Hey everyone! We are getting so excited to get to Swept Away. Luckily the summer has been going fast so we will be there soon. We are from Nebraska and look forward to meeting new people down there. I am glad to hear that everyone has fallen in love with the place the first time they were there. A couples vacation is just what we need!

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    Hey ya'll - I have seen most of ya'll before and some new ones as well! This is Dan and Cindy here from Baton Rouge, LA I see we are almost neigbors With Wayne Lejuene. Almost a group of southern ner's meeting south! We are traveling Oct 2 - Oct 8. I am so very excited. I was reading elsewhere the common bug problem is not so much in October as in summer. Well thats good news. I would love to be in a greet and meet with you all . Lets keep in touch!!!

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    oh yeah we are in to pass a good time!Laissez les bon temps rouler!
    We can get Bob M to mix a little Jamaic mon with a little Cajon Mon and what do you have? You'll find out in October!!

    DanandCindy from Louisiana

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