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Thread: CSS or CTI??

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    Default CSS or CTI??

    My husband and I went to CSA last year and had an amazing holiday. We want to go back to Jamaica but want to try a different Couples. Has anyone been to both and can they give me a comparison??

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    They are both totally different and then different again from CSA.

    I have never been to either but am going to CSS on 12/11 and this is what my take is. CTI - is a one building "hotel" type resort with what looks to me like limited beach therefore more time will be spent around pools. The property is also not as large and there are not gardens and winding trails through the property. It does however have it's ow AN island so ifyou re into that alot of people speak highly of the exprience.

    CSS - has long winding trails throughout the property and is fairly spread out. It too has AN sunbathing with a beach and it's own pool and bar. The textile beach has a small beach area but neither of the beach areas is anywhere as big as CSA so if it's beach you are looking for you need to adjust your expectations with either resort. We choose CSS over CTI because of the assortment of buildings with balconies and views as well as the AN option.

    Both are beautiful resorts from what I hear just totally different so go for what amenities are most important to you.
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    We have been to CTI 3 times, visited CSS. We prefer CTI, but know folks who prefer CSS. It really depends on what YOU want in your vacation and what you are looking for in a resort. The best thing to do is to continue researching various sites. You find one resort that you keep "returning" to in your search. This will be the resort that is "calling you".

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    We have been to them all and I have finally determined I LOVE CSS absolutely the BEST OF ALL. Superior customer service, superior grounds, superior rooms to all the others!!! Mr. B runs a tight ship for sure. After CSA CTI would probably seem like a small hotel to you.
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    We have been to both, and both are fantastic. If you like walking/running, CSS is a perfect with a 1/3 mile track. The hills and trails are great for exercise.

    At CTI, the beach is a little smaller, but they are both comparable. TI has no beach, SSB has a beach. Both areas are perfect for the AN, but if you want the beach and AN, CSS is better.

    The Breeze at CTI is much better. Open the doors and just let it in. At CSS, the breeze does not always make the room.

    Both staffs are wonderful. The guest at each have always been great.

    My personal preference is CSS b/c of SSB and the hills. Can't go wrong either way.


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    We've been to both CSS and CTI this past April. Like you we're looking to see more of the Couples resorts and will be going to CSA this April. We've heard great things and will be interested to see the difference between the Ocho Rios and Negril sides of the island.

    We all have our own personal preferences so you're going to need to determine what is important to you. Here are some comparisons:
    - CSS has a larger beach than CTI (though both are secluded).
    - Both have an AN area for the all-over tan (though CTI's is on an island rather than a beach like CSS).
    - CTI has more restaurants than CSS.
    - CSS is a larger resort with trails to walk and areas to explore that will make the two of you feel as if you're the only people on the resort.
    - CTI is more of a "high rise" resort, (more compact) which leads to meeting other couples more easily.
    - CTI has more included excursions (horseback riding and catamaran cruise).
    - Oh let's just do this the easy way:
    - CSS looks like this:
    - And CTI looks like this:
    Hope we didn't complicate things...but one resort will call to you and that's the one you need to go with.


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    CTI. We've been to couples 7 times. CTI 4, CN 1 and CSS 2. Did CTI in October, just got back from CSS for Thanksgiving. CSS is nice but the night life and the resort are quiet compared to CTI. I'm sure you will enjoy either, but I vote for CTI.

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    It really depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. For us, we like CTI and CSA the best. Here are some quick differences between CTI and CSS:

    CTI - Completely private beach, yet small; separate island for nude sunbathing, 5 restaurants including Bayside that sits on the water; the most inclusions (Dunn's River, catamaran cruise, horseback riding in addition to the others). Only 5 buildings (though it seems like 3 since three are connected) with rooms so the resort is very compact and intimate. Everything revolves around a central location. Just underwent a $30 million renovation - new rooms, new decor, new pools, etc. Fantastic food.

    CSS - the newest to the Couples resort, but not the newest built. Also have a completely private beach. Separate beach for nude sunbathing. Resort is very spread out and built on cliffs. It's split into 3 different levels, lots of steps throughout. Lots of foliage and hidden spots. Does not offer a catamaran cruise. 3 restaurants but full room service. All rooms are suites with mini bars. Rooms are more hotel like as far as the decor. Wonderful spa huts.
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    A few more differences are:
    CSS has umbrellas around the pool, CTI does not but does have an area that remains shaded the entire day.

    CTI has wait staff that circulate around the pool and beach to get you drinks.

    CTI has a self serve soda dispenser and ice cream dispenser located at the Pool Grill.

    Both are wonderful and provide exceptional service.

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    CSS has room service all 3 meals CTI does not.

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