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    mods keeping bad things out of forum.

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    Err, what?

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    Hello, what are you referring to?
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
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    I've posted 2 different times about our apple rep not being at the resort and neither time did it ever appear. Why? Everything else I put on here shows up so why didn't that? The guy sucked, he never showed up for 3 meetings nor did he call the room and leave a message. The first meeting was on Sun. we waited 40 min with another couple and no show. The second meeting was to be Tues after I had spoke with him on the phone Mon. because we had some issues with our spa and gift shop credit. He said he would be there Tues. and again no show. I went to the front desk and they said he called and said it was his day off. He set the meeting for Tues. He told the front desk that he would be there Wed. and again no show. Thats all I tried to post twice and neither time did it show up.

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    Dude, maybe you should express your displeasure to the agency themselves. It is generally not allowed to blow off steam about your travel agent on the message board. Especially when you refer to them by name.

    Sorry things did not go as you hoped. But...
    We had traveled with the agency in question on our first trip and while they had told us they would be available at the resort we did not see them. However we did not feel the need to meet with them anyway. Couples took care of everything we needed. No harm, no foul. Flights were arranged both ways, resort reservation was correctly placed. There wasn't much else for them to do really.

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    Dude, my intentions was not to express my displeasure, but to find others with the same issues.
    My threads were about others that had the same issue nothing more. If their was issues with my threads then I should have been contacted.

    The tour operator in question is paid to be the middle man between you and the resort if a problem occurs. They are also their to take care of any excursions and transfer times.

    Mods should be in place to filter out abusive language or threating comments not trying to make everything look perfect.

    Yes it does look bad for the resort when you have travel agents sending clients to other countries and the rep isn't their for them (especially new travelers) that don't know what to expect.

    I contacted the tour operator through my travel agent before I even left the resort.

    So this whole thing as you stated isn't about blowing off steam its more about apple getting a rep that will represent them.

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    JerryandRuthie - it is against this board's rules to post discussions about specific travel agents and/or tour operators. This is why your original post was rejected.

    Since it is now a matter of discussion, we have been lax in enforcing our policy with tour operators which prohibits their "reps" from selling tours on our properties.

    Every single option they may offer is also available directly with the resort. There is really no reason or value for these reps to be on our properties to sell tours. What other purpose do they serve?

    Couples Resorts

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    I agree with Randymon. We've been going to Jamaica since 1995 and we used to always book with the charter tour operators and a rep met you at the airport and gave you a time when a rep would be at your resort for an "orientation". We quickly found out when we went to these meetings all they did was try to sell you outside excursions. We thought it was a waste of time so we quit going to their meetings. So many excursions are included with Couples and like Randy said you can book other excursions through the resort. We did just that when we booked the Jamaican Bobsled ride at Mystic Mountain.
    If you are new to Couples and Jamaica go to the resort sponsered orientation and tour and ask lots of questions. You will learn all you need to know about the resort and Jamaica.

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    Thats fine I have no problem with that.

    Then maybe these outside tour operators and travel agents shouldn't be selling your resort packages? This would avoid any issues.

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    I have got to agree with you. Your tour op rep should be available to you. They are not just there to sell excursions and can be of great help to first timers to Jamaica. If ours hadn't been available on our visit we would have never been able to get recompense for the problems our tour operator caused. Also have to agree about with you statement about the mods.

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    JerryandRuthie, the tour reps are available in the airport when you leave customs and immigration and before you get to the Couples Lounge. i know Worryfree(MLT) and Funjet are there as we have spoke with them before. check with them when you land if you need them.


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    Randy, So what your saying is once you leave the airport you will never have any problems at the resort. Right? My issue didn't happen till two days into my vacation. So I should have grabbed a cab and went back 1 1/2 hrs to the airport to take care of it.

    I would hope that on vacation I would not have to speak with a travel rep as soon as I get off an airplane.


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    What I am saying is that you should address any issues you have with resort management. In fact, we are changing our "rules" to U.S./Canada tour operator reps from selling tours altogether.

    Couples Resorts

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