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    We took our kids once with us so they could see what we always talked about when we got home, otherwise we go alone. We like the time to reconnect and have only eachother to focus on due to our hectic stateside lives(just like everyone else). Also, since we have to go during "peak" times(during holidays) it is a great way to put the craziness of the holiday seasaon behind us and talk about our "strange" relatives we had to spend some of the time with---lol. Soon come December!!!

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    Thank you all for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I tend to be a little shy and withdrawn sometimes around people until I warm up or "drink" enough which ever comes first So for now I will look forward to going alone with my husband and meeting and actually "talking" to new people. I think it could be fun. Everyone was very friendly at Couples, I recall from my last trip. And also after being married for 17 years, I'm sure my husband and I could use the time to sort of get to know each other again, cause seems like with our different work schedules and our 3 dogs, it seems I barely talk to him much anymore. So if ONLY for my marriage sake, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again guys.

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    ...Our first trip to CSA, we went alone & had a wonderful time! Next year we will be going with a group of couples (family & friends) and I am sure we will ALL have a wonderful time. We have all chosen various room types and because CSA is so spread out, we don't have to necessarily see each other unless we want too!

    One plus I am looking forward too is having someone to scuba dive, snorkel, and take the hobie cats out with. My husband is not a swimmer and I am a water baby so I didn't get to enjoy too many water activities last time! Even though I was shocked that I got him to try parasailing which was a blast, but on the catamaran cruise...I was swimming in the caves alone

    Too each his/her own! You're at COUPLES so I don't think you can go wrong eiether way!

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    There's nothing like good food, good drinks, and good company.We really wanted this vacation to just enjoy each others' company b/c we work opposite shifts and rarely get any alone time. We met some wonderful couples during our stay at CSS.We all did our own thing with our mates some of the day and then we would all meet up at some of the resort events or the pool and have a great time. You can have it all!

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    Papaya, I think you are just disappointed that your sister will not be joining you. You will love going by yourselfs. We have done both, first year by our selves, the second year we met another couple and have become great friends with them, this will be the first time in 3 years that we have not been on vacation with them, it is sad, but we are going to Couples, so it will only be sad for a nanosecond.

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    We could not agree with aurxdoc05 more!!!

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    You can just meet other couples on the meet up at couples thread and make new friends for life. We met people from off the board 5 years ago and we still talk to them online and see them every July. They are some of our very best friends.

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    I am getting the best of both worlds. We are bringing a new couple but they are staying for only 5 days. Tom and I are staying 13 days. So we have a whole week alone too. But I also have friends from Couples that will be there! I am so excited!! 161 more days!

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    We have been 5 times, one year we went with another couple.
    Up front I said , we have done all the tourist things, please go and enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer
    But we may only sit on the beach. Couple is just what it says COUPLES. I told them , we may not see you all day , so don't be offended, we will all do our own thing and meet up at the piano bar at 6PM and Maybe go to dinner together or maybe not.It was a great time for all.
    We sat together on the beach some days, some days not
    They had a great time and we did too!!!

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    We're going alone, altho we've already made some MB friends who will be going when we go next April (nod to Becky).

    Either way, how can it be anything but great?

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    We are taking our 5th trip this Dec. and we always go alone. I talk with people on the MB and there is usually a meet up at some time during the week. We enjoy talking to each other and spending this time together. Life at home sometimes gets in the way of spending much quality time with each other. I think you may find that you will really enjoy spending time together and getting to meet some of the other guests. Have a wonderful vacation and spending quality time with each other

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