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    Default #1 Reason Why You Visit Couples

    I am curious about a certain point that is continually a concern on this message board, so here is the question:

    What is the PRIMARY REASON you visit Couples versus other resorts in Jamaica?

    1. The Hospitality/Accommodations/Staff/Additional Amenities,etc.
    2. The fact that you will only be at a resort with couples.
    3. Any other reason (Please explain)

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    Free Watersports( my favorite, snorkel 3x a day to different reefs ),The food(delicious and large variety).Large Verandah. Beautiful gardens.Sports complex and Spa.

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    Having just come back, and knowing we want to return next year, I can say it is probably more 1 than anything that makes us want to return. But choosing it in the first place was definitely because it IS all couples. We liked that about the resort. Once we got there, we fell in love with the resort, the staff, the food, the beaches, the at first sight.

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    our number 1 reason is bc its our Honeymoon!!

    For the longest time we were planning on going to S, but then I was researching online and came across Couples. I compared and contrasted the 2 resorts and Couples was less expensive and more inclusions. We are going to be at CTI, so the selling point of the $35 million rennovation caught our eye also.
    Since we've booked I have told all of our engaged friends to check out Couples, I'm sure we won't be disappointed!

    165 more days until CTI !!!!

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    Because it's not Ohio!

    Actually, because we feel that we get a real Jamaican vibe at Couples while still getting the all inclusive experience. We've stayed at other AI's in Jamaica and elsewhere. The other AI resorts we've visited all seem similar to each other and seem more "Americanized". When at Couples, we know we are in Jamaica (and NOT Ohio).

    3 Days, 2 hours and 55 minutes until we land at MBJ. The colder it gets here, the warmer it'll feel there!!!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    No kids was the primary reason for picking any resort. Our friends told us about Couples and we loved it which is why we are going back. In all honesty, the couples only factor doesn't matter to me either way.

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    It’s the marvelous people of Jamaica and the beautiful sunsets on the beach at Negril that keep us coming back. You can’t beat the atmosphere of Couples for re-connecting with your spouse.

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    For me it's this message board.
    We find out everything we need to know before we visit a Couples resort.
    We chit chat with future guests and make plans to meet them.
    We learn about the employees of Couples.

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    Haven't been yet, but picked CSA because:

    1. we didn't want to stay in what looked like another huge hotel on the

    2. No children. I love them have 4 of my own, but if I see kids near
    water my "mommy" kicks in and I can't relax.

    3. We didn't want what room we picked to determine the service we receive.

    4. Couples managment response to reviews on TA (good or bad). Haven't
    found any other resort doing that.

    5. And last but not least this MB!!!! It is wonderful to ask question
    from people who have been, and to see who's going the same time you

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    Only one reason for me - CSA dive staff - they are my family and I love them dearly - as if they were my own blood. It has nothing to do with it being a "couples" resort but if that contributes to it being calm, peaceful, beautiful and respectful - so be it. Would prefer it not a couples resort for various reasons. But I have learned to live with that.

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    Because Swept Away just suits what we want in a relaxing, no worries vacation. We are fairly well travelled, and Swept Away is the only resort to draw us back for repeat visits (except a certain Orlando resort). Our fourth visit is in two days!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I'm excited.

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    Hard to pick just one but I guess I would say "overall value." I've looked at, I swear, every other resort on every other island and can't find any other place that offers the amenities Couples does for the price. There are others that may offer the amenities, but they are so off the charts expensive, I would never be able to afford them. Anything else affordable is missing something, whether that be the gym facilities, room amenities, # of restaurants, freedom of restaurants (i.e., being relegated to a certain # of nights for a la carte restaurants), beauty of grounds/beach, etc. I just have yet to be able to find anywhere that has the whole package Couples offers for a price that won't leave me in debt.

    Other than that, I like the vibe. It's "home."

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    Our first trip will be our honeymoon in March, so we hope it lives up to all the reasons that we chose it.

    1. Adult couples only.
    2. No PDA's. We did not want an "H" vibe on our honeymoon - or any other time for that matter.
    3. The number of inclusions for the price. This resort seems to be the closest to all-inclusive that we've ever seen and gives us lots of opportunities to explore something other than the buffet.
    4. Beauty and "the island" (CTI). Nothing is "in your face" unless you want it to be, and in our humble opinion, from the photo's the setting is breathtaking!

    108 days and counting!!!!!!!

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    Default because we are 'home'

    Couples is the only resort where we feel like we are 'family', we can relax, we are treated superbly and it is smaller and not like a super resort. And my husband and I don't concern ourselves with work (PDA or laptop). Couples is great and you get to meet a lot of wonderful people (guests and staff).

    We are booked again for next year and 2011 so far. )

    Joanne and Marty

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    For us, the couples-only policy was the most persuasive factor in our decision-making process. In our first trip to Jamaica in 1998, we were torn between Couples and Grand Lido Sans Souci. Even though Sans Souci was more appealing to us, we chose Couples.

    When we decided to try Negril the following year, we chose Couples Negril over Swept Away b/c, at that time, Swept Away was not a couples-only resort. While there are a lot of resorts on the same fantastic stretch of beach in Negril, the couples-only policy continues to be the deciding factor for us.

    In our 15 trips to Couples Resorts, I've only been bothered by a single guest on one occasion, and I've only seen single guests cause problems on two other occasions. I'm sure it would be a much more frequent occurrence if we stayed at a resort that was more open to single guests.
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    The number one reason for us is that Couples exudes romance. We are able to get away from everyday life and focus on just the two of us. It is the cheapest marriage therapy that I know of.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    It started with value during the downturn in the economy. I was planning our 25th anniversary and I was determined to make it special, but I had a budget. We have been to other all-inclusives in Jamaica but I felt like they nickel and dimed us to death. I am a google fanatic and found Couples while looking for romantic vacation spots. I couldn't believe the price I found for off season and all of the inclusions. It seemed too good to be true, but then I found this message board and felt reassured. We picked CSA because I knew what a fabulous beach it had from past trips.

    Now, value is still important to me, but it is that magical something that I can't articulate that will bring me back. We just felt so comfortable at CSA. Truly at home.

    We are coming to CSS next December and bringing 2 couples to share it with. I called them on a Wed because of a Wed special and invited them. They both signed up that day. Whatever that magic is, they felt it in the invitation, saw it in my pictures, asked no questions, and jumped on board. My TA called me laughing because she couldn't believe they signed up no questions asked.

    And now I have this magical board to sustain me until I return home.

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    Ours is the people you meet. Little red and i got to be good friends with lyn and jan from wales. (aka etf)we will be is csa again in april.

    Lp and little red

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    The reason we initially picked CSA was for a beautiful beach in an adult only resort. We are ok with singles but not children on our vacation (we learned that from a cruise) What is getting us to go back on Dec. 26th is the overall; staff, food, Jamaican vibes, awesome inclusions, ect.

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    I used to look at pictures and posters of beautiful tropical places. White sand beaches, turqoise water, palm trees and quaint little buildings right off the beach with views of the ocean. I used to think "Wow, wouldn't that be neat if I could actually go to one of those places?" We picked CSA for our 25th anniversary a few years ago. We found it on our own on the internet, and had found the message board which helped with our choice. We crossed our fingers and paid the money.

    When we arrived at the lobby we thought we had made a good choice. When we stepped out of the lobby, walked down the path and out onto the beach I was breathless. I had found one of those posters, stepped through the glass and into my dream. It was perfect, I almost cried.

    That's why we are returning in June for our fourth trip to CSA.

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    We were hellbent on choosing Jamaica and an AI for our 25th anniversary. During the infancy of our decision making process, we were equally hellbent on the Evil Empire as the destination of choice. Three things changed our minds:

    1. The TA website - until I checked out a thread which was titled (Evil Empire) vs Couples, I barely knew this place existed. But to my amazement, I was surprised at how many folks thought Couples was not only better, but significantly so. I was especially intrigued from the responses of those who stayed at both resorts. This got the ball rolling with respect to possibly seeking an alternate venue for our vacation.

    2. The Couples website - once I started checking out all that Couples has to offer, be it accomodations, level of personal service, meals, activities, I began to see the light.

    3. This message board - the clincher. Reading positive post after positive post, viewing the intense loyalty from the customer base is what finally pulled us over. And altho we have yet to take our trip, we do not regret our decision even one iota.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Default Adults only.

    Our first criterion when searching was adults only. I don't want someone else's annoying kid running on the beach or spoiling the ambiance. Then we ruled out the Hedo "lifestyle" type places. The couples only policy was great. Finally, the AN option sealed the deal. We made our first trip to Couples CTI last year and are returning this year to CN. And I expect we will be going many times in the future.

    Gene & Terry
    12/24 to 1/1

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    We love that it's couples-only, but we especially love the CSA beach. And the people. And the Jamaican vibe. And the non-hotel feel to CSA. And...okay, we love CSA a lot.

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    The primary reason that we prefer going to Couples in Jamaica is that we've done 2 other AI's (adults/couples only) in Jamaica (one of them twice) but once we found Couples, there was no going back. That fact & that GORGEOUS beach & pool area at CN are why we keep headin' back.

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    The main factors for us were:

    1) Beautiful beach
    2) Adult only. Do not care about couples only, but adult only is non-negotiable
    3) We can be as dressy or as casual as we want. We don't want to dress up for dinner every night but want the option to do so some nights. Also, no reservations required to be able to order off a menu.
    4) Once you go, you know.

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