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    Default CN Trip report Nov 25-Dec1 2009

    1st time to CN. Been to CSS and CTI(when it was COR). Trip from airport to resort was LONG due to road construction. Hope they finish this up soon because we had to leave really early on the return due to unpredictable detours/closings. In any case take it eay on the Red Stripes at the arrival lounge or you may experience some discomfort. If its still under construction on my next trip, I think I will fly into Negril.

    Got checked in in time to have a walk around before the Thursday beach party, which was very nice. Several singers, and Silverbird Steel Band was excellent as usual. I hung out w/ them before and after their set cuz I play a little bit of tenor pan myself.

    Got attacked by sand fleas on beach that night though. I always seem to go to Jamaica in November, but never had a sand flea problem before...not sure why this time was different.

    Friday, could not get wireless internet in my room. I went to the desk to see if it was secured. They said no, but I still could not get in. A tech savey staffer then showed me that the wireless switch was turned off. I was appreciative and he was gracious (he probably thought I was a dumb-a#@...who could argue?)

    Headed over to AN beach. Water was extremely shallow and clear, and as flat a a lake the first day. I wish the ropes designating the swimming area went out a little further. I never got more than waist-deep. Hung out on beach until lunch. No food on AN beach at CN. Went to lunch and to water sports shed. Tried to sign up for catamaran tour for next day, but it was full, so signed up for snorkle trip instead. I suggest signing up for cat trip as soon as you get there if you want to go. Friday night was lobster night this trip (not sure if they change it around...thought it was supposed to be on Saturday). It was really good...too much food. Bride did the Karaoke thing that night and was a big hit.

    Next day, a BIG SWELL came in, and had breakers on the beach. Snorkel trip was cancelled, so I got a boogie board instead. It was a blast. Glad we missed the cat trip because they had some rough seas, and got soaked (by water, not rum punch). Snorkeled next day, and I was pleasantly surprised at the reef life. Saw a bunch of big rays and an octopus.

    Went back to AN beach, and met lots of nice folks. Oddly, the bartender would disappear for 20-30 minutes at a time. People were making their own drinks. Bartender would return with a box of straws or a couple of beers like she had been getting supplies. Not sure what was going on. Mentioned it to the front desk, and they seemed surprised. Next day, there was a different bartender. She left for lunch around 12:30, but first came around and told everyone to "help themselves" in her absence.

    I didn't get to do any of the watersports stuff because I hurt my knee a couple of weeks earlier...looked like fun though.

    Typical Couples hospitality and an enjoyable trip. I will probably go back, but I think I like CSS better.

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    You know, this is why I like this message board so much. Everyone is able to speak thier own mind. We are total CN fans but it is not for everyone.
    And that is fine.

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    yep, everyone has their favorite

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