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    Default Shout out to Randymon

    I couldn’t find a way of contacting Randymon privately, so I figured I would write my comments on the Message Board, which would allow others to comment as well about their experience!

    I have researched a lot of resorts to take our honeymoon (May 2010!) before finding Couples. Upon hearing about Couples as an alternative to Sandals, I immediately began researching the Couples resorts.

    I am astonished by your(Randymon) personal dedication to the Couples Message Board and Tripadvisor. I thoroughly enjoy reading your responses to the comments about the vacations others have taken to a Couples Resort. You respond exceptionally and respectfully to negative comments, these responses have really made me feel like Couples sincerely care about their customers.

    My point (which I am longwindedly getting to!) is because of your dedication to Couples customers, I am incredibly confident in booking our honeymoon this upcoming May with Couples (more specifically Couples Swept Away). We will hopefully be booking this upcoming week! As a new Couples customer, I appreciate your time, effort and energy that has been put into making Couples a fantastic honeymoon destination.

    Warmest Wishes,

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    I am humbled by your comments. Thank you. I am just the public voice of the company. The real praise and credit should be showered on all the employees of this wonderful company whose sole purpose - whether they know it or not - is to create emotional connections so satisfying that you leave our resorts together more in love than when you arrived.
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    Couples Resorts

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    I totally agree. I have been a long loyal guest of another AI. It rhymes with.... handles. I have had wonderful memories from this other resort. In fact, I was booked there when I literally stumbled on Couples.
    I am a fan of the other place on my facebook page. A posting showed up on my wall from the other resort and a guest who had been to both was comparing and contrasting them and Couples. The loyalty, price, inclusions and guest service intrigued me enough to start doing a little research.
    When I approached my husband about the change in the resort, one of the things I was impressed with were the posts from Randymon. The price difference was also a factor. I think the MB is a wonderful tool for people to get their questions answered. It also creates a feeling of community before you ever step foot on the resort.
    I have since canceled the other resort and we are trying CSS for our anniversary. Keep up the good work, Randymon- and can't wait until next July!!!!!!!! boo that I have to wait so long

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    Tanya, what dates are you booked? We will be at CSA the 27th of May through the 4th of June for our 5 year anniversary. We got married at CN.

    Less than 6 months until I am back in paradise!

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    my dh and I are heading back to CSS in 8 days and while we are both trying to wrap up stuff at work, one of my colleagues asked where in jamaica we were going. i told her css and she said she had been to another ai that begins with a S for their honeymoon in montego bay and didn't like it. we talked about couples and i directed her to the mb and told her to research and pick one.....she should start doing so in the next month or so. i love not having to apologize for my "home."

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    I must agree with all of the accolades for Randy and all of the "Randy wannabees" that are employed by Couples Resorts. He is truly training his staff to react to our situations with a friendliness and professionalism that is sorely lacking amongst his competitors. What amazes me is the vast number of people you come in contact with at the resorts that are blessed with common sense and are given the authority to act on it. If they have a way to correct a problem or concern they just do it, instead of constantly running to someone higher up the food chain for consent and approval. Perhaps this is why all of the staff seem so genuinely happy?
    Now, here is the big problem. All of us that have been to a Couples resort are now spoiled beyond belief. After several consecutive holidays with Couples we are going to start expecting this kind of pampering every time we vacation. No other resort is going to measure up and we will only be able to vacation with Couples.
    Randy, you may have to build a few more resorts on some other islands. It's the only way we will ever see another country!

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    Default Sole purpose fulfilled

    We've only been to Couples twice, (Oct the most recent). Each time we left, as hard as it was, we felt like the purpose Couples set out to achieve was very well executed. I can't imagine anyone doing it better !!
    Ken & Gina

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