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    Default Private beach dinner--from the guy's perspective?

    Okay, I've read the posts about men scheduling the private dinner for their lady and how the ladies love it; and I've read the posts about ladies scheduling the dinner for their husband/boyfriend. What I haven't read is what the GUYS thought about the dinner. Did you love it? Did you really care? Would you have been just as happy with dinner in the restaurant and saving the extra money?

    Gentlemen, your thoughts please.

    I guess what I'm really asking is for a response from the men who were the surprise-ee as it were and not the surprise-er. If you were presented with the private dinner as a gift from your wife/girlfriend, how did you feel about being on the receiving end?
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    My husband scheduled it for me, and it seemed as though he thought it was just as awesome as I did. We aren't the kind of people to do over the top stuff like this, and it was very pleasant. =)

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    It was very nice. Great food and a different menu than the restaurants. We had ours in the Wedding Gazebo at CSS, which was very romantic. Not sure I would enjoy it so much on the beach. And to see the look on my wife's face...priceless!
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    Monica and I had the beach dinner at CSA last year and both of us loved it. The dinner was excellent. One extra nice touch was when the waitress apologized and explained that the desert would be a few minutes late. Then about 5 minutse later she showed up with a special anniversary cake decorated just for us. CSA really knows how to take care of their guests. We've scheduled one for our anniversary again this year.

    9 days until we are back at CSA.

    Jamiaca soon come. Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Approximately how much does a private beach dinner cost? We are going to CSA in Feb and would like to surprise my husband with one.

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    Default not for me...

    We're going to CN in January/February and have decided NOT to do the beach dinner, because franky, why spend the extra money? Your already ON the beach, you can already EAT on the beach with stuff from the resort and grills. Why pay the extra money just to have a table out there? Seems pointless to me. We'd rather spend the money in the town of Negril shopping and other such things. To each his own I suppose..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbeth View Post
    approximately how much does a private beach dinner cost? We are going to csa in feb and would like to surprise my husband with one.
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    I surprised my wife with and we both enjoyed it. It was a fun, relaxing and romantic experience, however I'm not sure we would do it again. Mainly because the menu was very similar to items already on the menu at Feathers (CSA) and we can eat there for free vs. the $150 cost of the private dinner.

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    The price has been raised to $170, I believe.

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    According to Randymon, the dinner is $150.00, BUT if you include Couples Private labeled wine, it is $170.00

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    my DH and I have thought about it and have decided against it, not because we think it is a waste but because we would rather use the money on a couples massage in the hut at CSS!! When we go to Couples, we normally are on a no frills extra stuff budget so we choose our extras sparingly.....I can see why others would want to do it, especially in the wedding gazebo at exclusive and romantic. If you are at CSS and you want to improvise.....order dinner from room service and eat on the patio overlooking the ocean....just a thought.

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    i set the private dinner up for us for the evening of our vow renewal. we totally had a wonderful dinner and i enjoyed it very much.

    we had a garlic saffron soup that night that we have never had again while at Swept Away and it was the best soup i have ever had there.

    we loved it.


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    I was quoted $170 in June at CSA. No option for $150 without the wine.

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    I know my husband would not LOVE this private dinner. Many men do enjoy it and that is fine. One night we brought some food back to our balcony at the room and had a wonderful private dinner and it didn't cost us any more.

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    We wouldn't spend the extra money on the private dinner especially at CSS. The most romantic dinner we had was when we ordered room service and ate on our private patio in the G block up on the cliff with the sound of the waves crashing down below.

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    Making my wife happy….Priceless.

    I also gave her 1ct diamond earrings at desert.

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    I arranged a private dinner in the wedding gazebo at CSS as a surprise for my husband and it was a wonderful, romantic and private dinner that we both enjoyed.

    Not sure I would do this at any of the other resorts, or on the beach, but this location at CSS was extrodinary, and in my opinion, well worth the additional expense.

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