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    This will be my our first time to Couples and Jamaica. We have been to many all inclusives in Mexico and the Dominican. Haven't seen anything about the drinking water at the resort or in Jamaica in general. Should we plan on using bottled water for most of our needs as we usually do in Mexico or is the water safer hear.

    We'll be as CSA in late March. Thanks!

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    While bottles water is always available just about everywhere @ Couples it is just fine to drink water from the tap. What we thought was a little funny was the brand name of the bottled water they serve is Wata

    We have been to both the Dominican Republic and Mexico and took all the precautions that were advised and did not get sick. Many others around us did get sick

    No Problem mon with the Water in Jamaica

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    The drinking water in the Couples resorts is just fine. It is perfectly safe to drink and it tastes just like the water at home. I assume this is the same as the rest of the water in Jamaica and have never been worried about drinking any of the water there.
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    Jamaica water is safe to drink. For us, that's a huge plus when planning where to go after getting sick in both Mexico and the DR on previous trips. They do have bottled water available, but the tap water is safe.

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    No need for bottled water in JA, the "don't drink the water" routine is a Mexican and Dominican issue. One more thing we love about JA the water is perfectly safe.

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    You're very safe. Right out of the tap is fine. Jamaica even exports its water to other Caribbean nations.

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    Default Many Thanks!

    Thanks for all the responses. Makes it much easier to enjoy the trip.

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    I've been to the Dominican Republic twice and got sick both times (even stayed away from tap water, but still got sick). But at CN last time I didn't even get a HINT of sickness! Hallelujiah! Be assured the water is just fine there! Yay!!!

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    The water is great. I have a sensitive stomach and I even was worried about eating the fruit and veggies because it is grown differently (different fertilizers that my body can't digest) but everything was fine!

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    Mountains to the sea is a natural acquifer & water filter.
    Great tap water!!!

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