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    Default Soo excited!! Only 21 days

    We are leaving in 21 days for CSS. I cannot wait to go, and my husband and I are bouncing off the walls. This is our 2nd trip to Jamaica this year and we are hoping this one tops the other. I cannot wait to spend XMAS right on the beach.

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    Hey! My husband and I are newly-weds. We are taking are honeymoon to CSS over the Christmas holiday. We will be there Dec. 27th! We are ready!!! We wont be spending Christmas there, but we will be there for the new year!

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    Default Dates?

    What dates will you all be at CSS? Johnna and I will be there Jan 2-9. In the teens now.....can't wait!!!


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    We are leaving tomorrow!! Cannot wait to get on that plane. A little nervous with all the bad weather floating around. I hope there are no delays until we are in the sky off to Paradise. We will be there until NYE, and then we are heading home to celebrate in our home.

    Have a great time everyone! See you there!

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    We will see you there. We will be there from the 24-31st of DEC

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    Judy and Jim her in north Texas we be seeing you all ther on The 8th to the 18

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