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    Default Happy Veterans Day 2009!!

    My wife and I went to Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica from 11 November 2009 - 18 November 2009. The only complaint that I have is that I wish we could have stayed there for 14 days instead of 7. I don't know what else to say, besides that I had a great time, an outstanding time, a fabulous time, and a memorable, loving time. There was never a dull moment and the staff went above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. The food was great, the drinks were good and plentiful especially that Flaming Bob Marley!! The scenery was gorgeous. I consider several staff members that I have had the pleasure to meet as new friends and I am honored to have met them. With God's blessing my wife and I will be going back. The only reason that I will not stay in Couples Sans Souci will be strictly due to us wanting to experience a different resort but we will find a way to make our way to Sans Souci to just say hi. There is no way I could repay the staff members for making our first vacation out of the U.S. an extremely enjoyable one. I truly love y'all all and I sincerely thank all of you. If there is a person wondering or debating which resort to go to, I assure you that you will have a great time at Sans Souci. All I can say is just go. I truly miss everyone and I consider Sans Souci home and I am anxiously waiting to return home one day.

    One love...One heart, let's get together and feel alright.

    Jason Coppin
    Fort Riley, KS
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