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    Default best time of year for nightlife?

    We were married at Couples Negril on Dec 29, 2008 and stayed through the new year and had a fabulous time. We want to return to CN to celebrate our anniversary but that week is already we will have to wait and go sometime in 2010. We are wondering when is the "most fun" time to vacation there (aside from New Year's Eve)? When is the night life the most lively??

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    The nightlife @ Couples resorts is always lively. Like you said New Years Eve is special and well as the night of the superbowl they throw a huge party. The rest of the year is just about the same and it is a lot of fun at night

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    You could go for the CN anniversary pary, it's in early October. I'm sure someone knows the exact date.
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    Are you talking about nightlife at the resort or in Negril ?
    For negril night life The end of august during ATI (appleton temptation island) week would be hard to top. It is not for everyone and certainly not for those who are not inclined to leave the gates of the resort. If you want to see the best JA has to offer in terms of live music that would be your week... ( google appleton temptation island)

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