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    Default What DON'T I need to take?

    My first trip is quickly approaching. We leave Jan 9 for Couples Negril.

    What items should I not even worry about taking??

    What are absolute necessities?

    Thanks for helping me pack!!

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    Don't take anything that won't fit into a carry on. I think it's easier to tell you what you do need.

    You are in a bathing suit most of the time so you'll need cover up's to go eat. Plenty of sunscreen. For dinner skirts and summer dresses - limit the # of shoes you bring. For men - 1 closed pair of shoes and collared shirt and pants for fine dining - the rest of the time he can get away with sandals and shorts and a nice t-shirt or casual shirt.

    A camera and a few bucks to tip the shuttle driver and catamarin crew.
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    Out of curiosity – Why “Don't take anything that won't fit into a carry on.” I travel all the time and usually do only use a “carry on” but when coming on vacation I use my much bigger bag. The MAIN reason for that is to fit in all the suntan lotion etc that cannot be brought on via “carry on”.

    Is there a problem with brining a bigger bag and checking it? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trimada View Post
    Out of curiosity – Why “Don't take anything that won't fit into a carry on.” I travel all the time and usually do only use a “carry on” but when coming on vacation I use my much bigger bag. The MAIN reason for that is to fit in all the suntan lotion etc that cannot be brought on via “carry on”.

    Is there a problem with bringing a bigger bag and checking it? Thanks
    I speak only from experience - this will be our 6th trip and for the last 2 trips I could fit everything necessary in a carry on for each of us. It's "smart packing" but it also eliminates standing around waiting for luggage to be checked in and from coming off plane, less to lug through airport and gets you to your Couples vacation sooner. On our first rip I brought the biggest piece of luggage you could check and only wore about 1/3 of what I packed - now I pack from experience. Less is better!
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    Got it… just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something about the size of the bag in the bus or anything like that… As I say, I travel enough to know how to pack and COULD fit it in a carry on except for the fluids etc I mentioned… The girlfriend however needs a slightly bigger bag to bring the “essentials” towels, hairdryer, microwave, kitchen sink…. :-)

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    The only reason we bring the checked bag is to bring home stuff from Jamaica. I love to buy gifts and rum while there, and they won't let you bring the liquid in a carry-on. Other than that I would love to do carry on only, what a time saver that would be.

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    Tell your girlfriend she doesn't need to bring more than one pair of heels! Speaking from experience, I brought about 4 - 5 pairs on my first trip only to find that most of the walking area is constructed of wooden planks - with little spaces between - making walking in heels darn near impossible (specially after a couple drinkies!). She may want to bring just one pair for the "disco" or bring wedge heels instead.

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    Isn't the time you spend waiting around for your luggage to arrive - not to mention the extra time you need for arriving at the airport to stand in line and check your bags - worth the extra $10 or $20 you'd have to spend to buy sunscreen at the resort or the market across the street instead of bringing it yourself? The resort already provides moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, hairdryer. As far as clothing, I wear bathing suits all day long, with a coverup for lunch in the dining room, sundresses at dinner, the lightest gym wear possible (wear sneakers on the plane), 2 pair of sandals that match everything. The minimum of toiletries: travel-size cologne, deodorant, tooth gear, razors, mascara and lip gloss, vitamins & meds, and that's it. As far as my husband, it's a couple pair of long pants for dinner, 4 short sleeve shirts, plus bathing suits and gym clothes for all day long. All this makes for a very easy fit into 2 carryons apiece. There's hardly any room in the CSA closets for much more anyway! CSA is casual enough to not need to dress up, which we do enough of during the year so we certainly don't want to do it on our vacation. We would rather wake up half an hour later (and stay an extra hour the day we leave), go straight to the gate at the airport with our carry-ons, and never have to worry about the airline losing or misrouting our bags.

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    By the way, apologies if my previous message does not apply to Couples Negril, which might be dressier than Swept Away.

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    Well all of my large sweaters and ski jackets will likely not fit into a carry on… and besides, I travel once/twice a weeks in planes so I don’t pay anything to check the bags (using points for this trip) and it doesn’t take too long to get your bags… Don’t get me wrong, there are always exceptions… the way I see it, I am on holiday/vacation and in no rush… travel is only stressful if you make it stressful, the 15 minutes it takes for the bags, I can people watch and get used to the local scene… besides convincing my girlfriend to fit it all in one small bag is just asking for stress…

    Don’t intend to slow anyone down, so if anyone is on the same plane as us and in a rush, go ahead without us, we will get the next bus. Just save some seats at the bar for when we do get there… Oh and one other thing that makes a difference… how long the trip is… if we were only going for 3-5 nights, I agree a carry on WOULD be the way to go, but we will be there for more than a week…

    Do like the tip on the shoes, I will let her know, thanks. Hopefully that also helps the OP as my question kind of took over the post… sorry…

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