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    Default Going to CSA March, Lets start A ROOM THREAD...

    Hi everyone, booked a BFVS for our weddingmoon cant wait, but would love to see photos of the rooms and the resort....PICTURES PICTURES!!!!!!!

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    we have been talking on the march maniacs CSA thread but I just ran across your post here... I got lots of pics. If you wish send me an email address for you and I can give you a bunch of great pics from last year of CSA! Heres a few to start.
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    See you in just a few weeks now!

    The DudeMon

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    Hi we are going to CSA in March too could you send some of your pics my way? thanks that would be great

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    Here are a few pics from our verandah.

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    the pics are great thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!!!

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    Click the link in my sig... I have a few photos there.

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    Ill try to get some more pics out this weekend! Ill put a few more on this thread and I will send some your way hyemake at the email provided. Heymake - have you been on the March Maniac's thread for CSA? I will read that thread next but if you are there in March check it out and get on the calendar so you can see who you might run into at CSA who has been on the MB!

    Yazmon - nice pics, we shared some posts last year also. I will miss you guys again by mere days One of these years one of us will have to go a week or two earlier or later. Or better yet one of us should extend our trip HOME by a couple more weeks. Can you imagine...HOME for four weeks!! I would like to enjoy paradise with you folks, sounds like you get the most out of it every time!!!!


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    Dudemon--When we went in December (2007 & 8) there is couple that spends the month of December at CSA. They have a 2nd floor Beachfront Suite. They have a Christmas Tree on their verandah and lights up, too. We talked to them one night at Patois. They are retired and like to spend Christmas in Jamaica.

    We always fly the last Thursday in February. The first year we went Saturday to Saturday and the MoBay airport was a zoo. One of the couples that go with us (Dan & Bea) will celebrate Dan's birthday on March 1st every year at CSA. Next year will be his 50th. We have a big group coming in 2011. His mom & dad, two sisters and possibly their adult children along with the normal (or should we say abnormal) six!!

    We meet a lot of the same people, the first week in March, every year. Potato Chip Tom (he and his wife own a chip company) Amy & Dave, along with several others. We may even have BlondeHawaiian and her group talked into coming to CSA first next year before they go to CN for week two.

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    Dudemon--I just realized that you are the better half of Blonde Hawaiian!! You guys should join us at CSA. We'd all have a blast. It looks like your group and our group would fit right in!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yazmon View Post
    Dudemon--I just realized that you are the better half of Blonde Hawaiian!! You guys should join us at CSA. We'd all have a blast. It looks like your group and our group would fit right in!!
    I second that notion Yazmon. I think so too.

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    Yazmon -- I am indeed one half of the blonde hawaiin but whether or not its the better or worse half is up for debate! Hmmm a month in Jamaica in December, no Holiday madness and such, now thats a plan.

    So who knows we could likely overlap next year, we really enjoy both CN and CSA - both have thier own distinct charm and attraction, however not sure I would like to go to CN after CSA, it would seem a bit anti-climatic. Maybe next year we confine ourselves to CSA and Im always up for stretching 10 days to 15 days!!!

    Last year I really enjoyed your posts from CSA as you were there just previous to my arrival - hope you have chance to do it again this year, but dont let it get in the way of fun and frivolity! Can you check on a rumor I picked up on a CN review posted recently. THe reviewer said they had American Style ketchup now at CN. Can you check to see if this is the case at CSA. We were planning on bringing a sack of the little squeeze packets this year - but if we dont need it, well more room for sun-screen!!!

    Yazmon if we do manage to meet up in Jamaiica.... it will be epic.

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    Thanks so much for the pics they are amazing! We just got 5 inches of snow yesterday and they are calling for 20+ for this weekend! We are sooooo ready to go

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    DudeMon--I will check out the ketchup for you. I plan on doing my daily updates again this year. I take my laptop because I have to do email every day, so it's no big deal to post a daily update.

    I remember seeing your Toga Party photos from last year!!! I think we might have problems if our two groups would get together. It reminds me of a guy that I went to college with who had a tee shirt. "Party til' you puke" on the front and on the back it said "ain't never had too much fun". The guy is now an attorney in Colorado--scary thought!! I think we would have fun together.

    2011 might be the year. We will be going the last Thursday in February, celebrating our travel companion Dan's 50th birthday and then heading back to Illinois either on the first Thursday in March or Saturday or Sunday. We're staying for 11 days this year so we'll see how it works out.

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    Thanks yazmon -- will watch for your posts, and hold out hope for Hienz!

    "see how it works out"?? Oh Im sure it goin to work out just fine!

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    Heymake -- good luck with the white stuff! I dont suppose you can pretend its the white sand 7 mile beach in Negril, but make the best of it and stay inside looking at all the nice pictures, youre time is getting close!!!


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    The pics are awesome im getting more and more excited, wedding is coming soon!!!

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    Well after that last snow storm we ended up with over 30 inches! The snow is finally starting to melt around here and I can see the ground. I even have some daffadils coming up already! We have 16 more days til we leave and I cant wait. Ive come down with a horrible sinus infection these past few days so Ive missed work trying to get better before we travel. All I can think about is our trip and nothing is going to hold me down lol!

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