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    Default CSA: Our Return Home11-27 to 12-4

    How can a week fly by so quickly? Time surely does fly when you're having fun! We can't believe we're already back from paradise to the cold weather & snow! Ugh! We had a simply awesome week thanks to everyone @ CSA! From arrival through to departure, everything was superb & perfection. Totally loved our beachfront atrium (room 1231/2nd floor), enjoyed seeing most of our our favorite people (Stacy Ann, Mae, Kadean, Donnery, Kevern, Peter, Ricardo, O'Shane, to name but a few). We were very sorry & saddened to find out Wendy(Natalie Palmer) was no longer w/CSA. We don't know what happened there and we missed our girl Wendy. Anyway, back to our review... We enjoyed our repeaters massages so much. Good Gawd we were relaxed afterwards! This trip home we decided to skip the repeaters dinner and go to international night. We heard great reviews about the repeaters dinner as always, but the food @ international night was fab! We're so glad we went! We met such nice guests while enjoying our week, especially enjoyed all the laughs & great conversation w/Peter & Karyn Krause! We're so happy to have met you folks! The beach as always is gorgeous and Elvis & Cosmo send everyone their best regards . We also had a day or 2 w/nice big waves to play in, which we did! Can't say enough good things about CSA and Couples. Thank you Couples, again, for hosting and creating an atmosphere which tugs @ our hearts and makes us yearn to return. We're tanned, relaxed, and are very much looking forward to April 1,2010 for yet another week in paradise. Wendy & Sal Randazzo

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    Wonderful to hear that your trip was a success!!! Thanks for the review!

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    Glad to hear you had a great time! We leave in 12 days! Finally. Oh and we are going to skip repeaters dinner this time around and try the International night too. Glad to hear it was good. Absolutely cannot wait for vacation!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Greetings! I'll post a few pics once I get my feet on the ground again. Dreamt of work last nite and got myself into work extra early this morning. Just opened up work email & found 256 emails. Jeez. Snow storm warning's going into effect, I think, later today? (Have been 1/2 listening to the radio while browing emails) All I know is reality totally blows. No mimosas in the cafeteria so surely there'll be no rum punch @ lunch either . Angiekevin - Have a wonderful vacation & do enjoy intnl nite! Let me know what you think. I also forgot to mention Rose @ the Palms who rocks the pasta station. She's so sweet and she's a champion whipping up a fresh pasta dish. Missing CSA so much! Razzl (Wendy)

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    Razz- We've skipped the repeater's dinner they last few years. Patois is so loud with that many people in there. The International buffet is well worth it.

    Being back at work is tough the first couple of days. No fruit kabobs on the beach, no drink of the day, and no Elvis!! And having to cook dinner again-aghh!!!

    Thanks for posting your review. We are down to 79 days until we return to CSA!!

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    Yazmon, Right on! No fruit kabobs, nor a drink of the day, nor our dear Elvis roaming & giving us our morning greeting. Boo-hoo! Funny you mentioned it but I did leave the house this morning actually thinking what the hell am I going to make for dinner tonite? And if they could turn up the darn heat in here (work) that'd be nice. I'm actually wearing my coat right now. I'm sure you'll have an awesome holiday! Razzl

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    Winter storm/blizzard warnings, a foot of snow, temps droping to single digits? This must be a bad dream? Momma wake me up! I want to go home...

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    The snow is really a pain when you are still wearing your shorts and flip flops!!

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    17 days until we are at CSA and after this wonderful?? blizzard we can't wait to leave Wisconsin. We don't need any more practice at snow blowing and/or shoveling

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    Yazmon, What shorts & Flip-flops? Ha-ha! (no, this is not my husband!) But it's funny!!! Razzl
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