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    Default Question qbout CSS and CSA

    We recently went to CSA in November 2009. This was our first Couples vacation. We loved it so much. I had wanted to see CSS but after spending a week at CSA, my husband just doesn't want to try any other resort. It was perfect. However I still have a yearning to see CSS. We are planning to visit Cou[ples again in Jan or April of 2011. I would love to go in Jan, but the prices are much hgihter for Jan. So I was thinking of going to both.
    My questions are:

    If we go to CSS first, is 3 or 4 nights enough time? Keep in mind we will have to spend a week at CSA after that.

    How long does it take to get from Montego Bay airport to CSS?

    How long does it take to go from CSS to CSA? How much will it cost to take a taxi from CSS to CSA?

    Thank you for your help.

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    We had gone to CSA 3 times previously, but decided to try CSS this year. You will not be disappointed. I think 4 nights would be good at CSS, especially if you are going to CSA after. Four nights will give you enough time to get a feel for the resort, but do make sure one of those nights is the Friday Starlight Gala - nothing at CSA compares to this.

    From MoBay to CSS is 1 hour 45 minutes in light traffic with no stops; longer if you stop or there is traffic.

    From CSS to CSA is probably 3-4 hours; can't help you on the cab fare.

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    Couples will transfer you from one of their resorts to another at no charge to you. They also transfer you from the airport to the resort amd from the resort to the airport at no charge to you.
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    Wow. I didn't realize CSA and CSS are so far apart. Maybe we should do 2 separate trips. It will just be hard to go to Jamaica and not go back to CSA, even though I want to see CSS so bad.

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    Default CSA to CSS

    We made that trip CSS to CN ( just a one day trip) last Feb. it is around a 4 hour trip. We left CSS at 7:00 AM got to CN around 11:00 AM. Left CN at 7:00 PM and got to CSS around 11:00 PM. We went with another couple and made a deal with a taxi driver. A round trip was about $300.00. Your going one way so it may be less. Check with the resorts but I think that you can take the shuttle back to the airport and get the shuttle to the other resort. Last year we picked up a couple (at the airport) that had stayed at CSA and were going to spend a few days at CSS, with us. Hunave f

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    I think 3 or 4 nights at CSS then 7 at CSA is a great vacation .We just returned yesterday from that same split for the second time. The only thing that would have made it better is if we could have added at least another 3 days to CSA. CSS is a beautiful resort and the staff really are fantastic but after 4 days I was ready for the beach and CSA. Do make sure,as someone else mentioned, to be there for the Friday night Gala. As far as the transfer,CSS arranged for us to have a 7:30 am transfer(no cost to us) and we were on the beach at CSA before 11.
    I can't stress enough how accommodating the staff is at CSS. We've spent time at all the Couples Resorts and I'd have to say, in our experience, CSS staff is the best. BUT for us nowhere compares to CSA. Its the one we'll continue to return to year after year. Hopefully!

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    We've been to CSA 4 times and have 4 more trips already booked. We went to CSS once and found it to be quite different. Very isolated, magnificent landscaping, though. The beach can't compare to CSA and the ability to get out of the resort and interact with the local populace is just not there. The food, the service, are the same high quality.

    The first time we went to Couples, though, was back in the 80s. That was to what is now CTI (it was just Couples Jamaica back then.) We're going back to CTI in October 2011 for 3 nights to relive some memories and then over to CSA for a week.

    Couples will transport you for free, no need to waste the money on a cab. However, you'll probably have to go to the airport first, pick up some guests, and then on to CSA.
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    We used the free Couples transfer to go from CSS to CN. It took a little over 2 hours. We left at 6 am and arrived at CN at 8:11 am.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. Had no idea that Couples would bring us to another of their resorts at no charge. That makes our decision. 3 or 4 nights at CSS, then on to CSA. I have to get it out of my system and see CSS. And then on to CSA for a week. We are beach people, but really just want to see how pretty and romantic CSS is. Thanks everyone.

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