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    Default plans to upgrade CN ?

    We visited CN last spring for our 25th wedding anniversary and are looking forward to going back for our 30th (if we can wait that long!) But CN looked a bit "worn" compared to the other Couples resorts, especially around the pool area, stairs, etc. Are there plans for any renovations (major, or minor) within the next couple of years? Thanks.

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    We just came back from CN at Thanksgiving and I loved the way it looked. Now it could be because it was our first trip, but I thought the age was part of the charm of the resort and wasn't a safety issue or anything. I have seen commments that the rooms look worn too but we stayed in building 8 and had a beautiful room that I didn't think looked like it was worn. I loved the way the entire resort looked, but it could be because I like someplace that looks like its been used and enjoyed, but cared for, as opposed to something brand new.

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    I agree with cleversole. We were there in October; our first trip to a Couples resort and I too loved the eclectic charm. We were in Building 6 and it had recently been renovated. I can't wait to go back.

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