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    Default Superior Ocean Rooms @ CTI... how was it?

    We are looking to book a Superior Ocean Room @ CTI and have had mixed reviews from people on that room category. Have you stayed in one and what did you think? Good view of ocean? Etc... Thanks!

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    We have stayed in the Superior Oceans and while the room is great on the inside, we prefer to stay in the Deluxe Ocean, only because of the location. Superior Ocean rooms are in the South Building (#5) and face the ocean, but not the beach. They are on the side, if that makes sense. I'd be happy to send you the map or any pictures if that would help (
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    Amy - have you stayed in the premier ocean rooms? We were looking at booking the deluxe or the premier and couldn't really determine the difference between the two. Thanks!

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    The only differences in the standard ocean view rooms at CTI is the view of Tower Isle or not. The Superior room has no view of Tower Isle, but you have a nice view of the cove next to the resort. The other room classes the more you pay the better the view of the Tower Isle. All the insides of the ocean view standard rooms are about the same, some are a little larger than others, not all bath rooms are the same location, but in general they are the same. Some of the bath rooms are between the main room and hallway others are on the side of the main room.

    The only disadvantage to the Superior room is it is the walk to get to the room. They do have the advantage of being the most quite room because there is nothing between your balcony and the ocean. The other rooms have pools, lobby, and beach between the balcony and ocean.

    With the new CTI you can now walk any place from building 1 to building 5 and be under cover when you experience a Jamaican 10 minute rain storm. A nice adder to CTI. You will only get wet if you go to the Bayside, gift shops, or the spa.

    We were in a premier this year and it was nice. Was it worth the extra? That is a hard answer, because we are not going to CTI for a room, we are going for the stuff outside the room.

    What ever room you pick, you will enjoy CTI.
    Irie Mon

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