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    Default Swept Away or Sans Souci

    We're torn! Both look wonderful and romantic and just can't decide. We love the beach but also the privacy found in smaller properties. Help!!!

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    My opinion.
    CSS...Couples Sans Souci

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    We've been guests at all four Couples resorts. While you can have a good time at any of the resorts, my husband and I overwhelmingly prefer the beaches at the Negril properties. We were at CSS in August 2009. While it is a beautiful resort, the ocean floor on the main beach was mucky in spots and very rocky on the a/n beach. The beach is also very small, albeit private.

    We spend most of our time at the beach, so that is the most important feature for us. The ocean floor at CSA is sandy and firm. There is a lot more foot traffic, but people are just walking along the shore line; they can't stop and stay on CSA's beach.
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    Having stayed at both, I vote for CSA because of the beach and the ability contact the locals. If it's pure romance you're looking for, though, CSS wins hands down.
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    Unless you need soft white sand, a huge sports complex and a Catamaran Cruise, go to CSS. We loved CSS. Didn't care much for CSA (but we didn't stay there, just visited on a day pass).
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    we are 8 time repeaters at CSS, went to CSA in september and are totally hooked on CSA. CSS is definitely more romantic, but the fun factor is so much greater at CSA, the beach is awesome and I love to exercise so CSA has that over CSS. I am now working on my third visit to CSA.

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    I'd say CSA if you love beaches. CSS was great to go to, everyone was nice, and it was beautiful, but we just missed the beach at CSA too much. If you've never been to CSA, though, you won't know what you're missing. You really can't go wrong with any of the Couples.

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    I'm probably going to get a lot of internet rocks thrown at me for stating this, but I never understand why people actually seek opinions of others when it comes to determining which of the Couples resorts to book their stay. This is not meant as a slam to those who offer their opinions. After all, they were asked, so why not? But, as in this case, of course people who like CSS more are going to advise to stay at CSS and likewise with those who favor CSA. It would be the same if asking about CTI or CN as well.

    While I'm of the impression you can't go wrong no matter which of the four resorts ends up being the destination of choice, I believe there will be one that ultimately carries a special appeal, which can only be determined by extensively reading up on what each resort has to offer. Sure, this includes reading what folks have to say about their experiences at the various resorts, no harm in that whatsover. It's just I could never rely on making my selection simply because others said this one or that one was their favorite or is the best.

    Many here have said it best. It's cliched, but true that if you search deep enough, one of those resorts will call out to you. Maybe it will be due to the beach. Or the romantic setting. Or the greater degree of privacy. Or the activities offered. But something should begin to factor more heavily than other things, which will then likely draw you to your choice. Rely on your gut, your heart, not the biases of others.

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    I believe that one of the attractions of returning to Couples is that although you are going back to the same country, each of the resorts has its own character and is different from the others. As a potential guest, you need to decide what is important to you (beach, cliffs, au natural, etc) to narrow down the list. Only you can decide what is important.

    The message board provides lots of information (which is not always 100% accurate), and personal opinions. However, as Ron & Rosa correctly said, they are just that, individual opinions and what works for one doesn't work for all.

    We have now been lucky enough to visit three resorts, CTI (when it was COR), CN and CSS, and each has been wonderful in their own distinctive way. We've already made our reservations for CSA next December, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous as my expectations, based on past experience, are now so high. However, I'm sure I won't be disappointed as regardless which resort we choose, the high quality is guaranteed.

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    Default Big Thank You

    I thank all of you for your honest opionions. Based on reviews and what others have said we chose CTI. I know it wasn't even considered when I wrote the post but like Pamela said I chose the resort that called to us. I'm sure we will bill happy with our selection as ony we can take our vacation to the next level and I know Couples will assist in taking us there.

    59 days and counting!!!

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    We have 52 days and counting for CTI!!!!
    May see ya, we will be at CTI for 9 days, we'll be diving as well.
    And then the island.
    Barb & Mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFosty View Post
    . . . . like Pamela said I chose the resort that called to us . . . .
    Sorry, that wasn't me. I remember the person who first used the phrase years ago, and although many other people on the MB have adopted it, I haven't b/c I always thought it was silly to suggest that I didn't choose a particular resort but that the resort chose me.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to CTI. We'll be there next month for my birthday. We just decided today to give it another try. Although we've been to all four of the resorts and have stayed at Couples a total of 15 times, we've only been to CTI once, and that was in 1998 when it was the only Couples resort.
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    Afosty - YOU DID GOOD!!! CTI is our favorite, going back for trip number 5 in 30 days!!!

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