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    Default April 10-17th 2010

    Who's gonna be there!?!? 2 cheeseheads going back "home" for round 2...can't wait to see ya there!

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    We are all booked for a beachfront suite. Now just counting down..... see you there

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    Good deal! We decided to try an Ocean Verandah this time, we were in a Beachfront Verandah last time on our honeymoon.

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    We will be the there, our wedding date is April 10th. Looking for people to hang out with.

    Email me at

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    Here is Sean and I at Feathers on our honeymoon...May 2007.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    we will be there 4-11 thru 4-16. We are looking for another couple or two who would like to go deep sea fishing (the more people, the cheaper it is). Let me know if you are interested!

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    We'll be there April 11 - 17 for our honeymoon....CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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    We'll be there April 11 - 17 for our honeymoon...CAN'T WAIT!!!!

    EinWi - my fiance is from Wisconsin. Moved to Louisiana about 10 years ago and is here to stay

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    That's awesome....our pic is up if anyone sees us we're always up for a drink, and if anyone wants to do an excursion (we are thinking falls, pelican bar, and or horseback riding....) we are up for leaving the resort this time. Where in LA? I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Orleans, I was lucky enough to have visited pre-Katrina in college. It's been crazy cold here lately, so I am counting down the 68 DAYS til CSA come again!

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    Was in New Orleans till Katrina.....lost everything and had the house torn down. I still have the lot though. But now I'm about 30 minutes from there....St. Charles Parish. its actually where i grew up.

    I don't know much about Wisconsin but Greg is from Sheboygan. If i can figure it out I'll try to post a picture of us.

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    Ah Sheboygan, not too far from me about an hour or so. If you ever come, come in the summer LOL it's nice then. We have the worlds largest music festival around the 4th in MKE it's really fun!.

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    We will be first timers from the UK on 15th April and cannot wait!
    Am abit worried we won't know where to go for the best meal for lunch dinner etc as only have 4 days here - then off to another hotel. But am trying to get a checklist together of what we need to ensure we do - like have champagne on the beach when the sun sets - at least once!

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    Feathers is great for dinner, so is Lemongrass, as well as Patois.

    Lunch seagrapes is yummy (mmmm the hummus), the grill and the buffet are great for lunch as well.

    Breakfast: order in room at least once, patois is awesome for breakfast and of course then there is a buffet.

    see if you cannot try something different each day.

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    Hey all going the 10th-17th of April We are landing in Mobay at 12:20 on AA curious if anyone else is (as you may be on the same shuttle as us). The reason I ask is I am just throwing this out there but maybe we could get the driver to forgo the stop and get us to CSA as soon as possible. Just a thought! 61 more days ya'll, woohoo!!!

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    Come and join us on the Jerk Tour - Tuesday, April 13th - see the thread below for details.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    We land @ 10.30 on the 10th but I think we might fly to negril .... 61 days

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    The drive is great you get to see so much of Jamaica and the culture.

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    We will be there 4/10-17 - second visit - only 60 days to go!!!!!
    Janine & Jim

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    We are first-timers arriving Apr 7 and departing on the 15th. Can't wait! cheryl and jim

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    My wife and I are first timers from Missouri. 4-10 2010 to 4-17-2010 Can't wait.

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    Welcome Billy! You'll love couples. 44 days to go!

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    Thanks EinWi. Will u be on a plane from Memphis TN. I believe we get in the same time.

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    we will be comming in on the 11th to. What time do you land? we could be on the same shuttle.

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    No I am on the AA 8:20 flight out of Chicago arriving at Mobay about 12:20ish

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    So my wife will have a birthday when we are at couples. Does anybody know if the resort will make me a b-day cake with her name on it? (special order)

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