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    Default css vs braco

    we have been to css 3 times and wondering how many of the braco family have come back to css?

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    Let's hear it for CSS !! For us, no comparison for CSS vs. GLB !!

    CSS: 4x (just back from #4 a few months ago & our 5th is booked for April 2010)
    GLB: 7x (won't be back, especially now that it's not GL anymore)(tired of the continued nonsense/irritations there that we totally do not find at any of the Couples resorts !!)

    Couples needs to buy GLB & turn it into Couples Trelawny !!


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    Well put Jackie and what a great idea to have Couples buy that property. The a/n facilities are second to none in the Caribbean but current management has no idea how to operate it properly. We are so happy that we found CSS 4 years ago its certainly are favour place to escape from reality for a little while.
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    so glad to hear that our chose of css again this year was always the right chose.

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    Couples Trelawny, Couples Braco, sounds like a wonderful idea, it is a beautiful property, nice beach, and not too far from Montego Bay, one can only dream!

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    I second the motion to have Couples buy Braco! Look at what they've done for Sans Souci

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    It is really sad what the current management has done to a property that is owned by the people of Jamaica. The government has a large investment, and they are running it into the ground. The current management just leases the property from the government.
    Irie Mon

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    There was alot of discussion last week at SSB about it and several guests said they will book there next time due to size of beach. I'm glad you are clearing my vision and pointing out about the resort service issues - that's something you don't usually pick up on when you do a site visit.

    Checking the calender to see when we can fit in another week at CSS - why mess with perfection I say...
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    We tryed GLB did a split trip 5 nights at GLB then 5 at CSS. That trip made it totally obvious to me that I really did not care for the all nude part of GLB at all when most say it's the best in Jamaica. I totally disagree with that statement and think CSS's Sunset Beach is far superior for this one reason. GLB's all nude part of the resort has room buildings lining the beach with the huge pool behind these buildings. Everyone gathers and partied at the pool and swim up bar BUT you can't really see the beach and ocean as it is blocked by the room buildings. Made me feel like I could have been at a pool in Florida and saved the expensive airfare! You have the beach and ocean plainly in your face from all parts of Sunset Beach. CSS's property overall in general is FAR more spectacular then GLB. I will give GLB props for having a more exciting night life maybe CSS could work on that a bit but that's all CSS is better in every other way to me especially the rooms.
    Shari & James
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    I wouldn't recommend Braco. The place is not romantic at all and they allow singles and kids 16 and over. Not my kind of place. We really didn't enjoy it and will stay with the Couples product.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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