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    Default Randy, Question re: $100.00 refund

    Randy we were at CSA 11/29-12-8 and are at the passionate level. We got everything including a wonderfil upgrade, but had problems with the 100.00 refund. We were told we would get it on the last day as expected, but while we were checking out. we were told that it would be mailed to us from the Miami office. We have no problems with this, it just seems no one was really sure about the refund. Thanks

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    I think that is the way they are doing it. I asked about ours also when we checked out at CN in October. Was told they would mail it to us. It arrived within two weeks after getting home. Was so nice to see a letter from Couples and upon opening it a check for $100.00. Awesome perk!!

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    We did not get ours from CTI in October and we forgot to ask at the time. What a great surprise when we gothome from CSS after Thanksgiving to find it in the mail.

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    We got our check at check out last week.

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    Ja Mon which resort were you staying in? It would be nice if all the resorts were on the same page with regards to this. I guess i will get my check in the mail soon.

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    We are currently staying at CSS and we received our check the second day we were here

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    we got ours on checkout at cn on 12/11. didnt even ask. they had it ready for us. great resort. great time. cant wait for next december.

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    We got ours at Checkin.. Didn't even know what it was for!!

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    We were at CN

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    We got ours from CTI the day before checkout. We were there until dec 5th this year.

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    Got our $100 check from CSS a few days before check out left in our room one the bed after it had been made up.
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