Well, we were at CN from 12/7-12/11. This was our first trip to Jamaica. It was WONDERFUL. I have never been on a vacation where I did not want to come home at some point or was not happy to be home. I wanted to cry when Friday morning came. I can not wait to go back. We are definitely staying longer next time.
When we got to the airport lounge, my husband got a red stripe and the bartender asked him "And what would your princess like?" Later I came to find that the men call the ladies Princess and the women call the ladies "my lady". I love that! I wish Home was like that.
Anyway, I even loved the road to Negril. the bus driver let my husband sit in the front seat.It was great! There was so much to see. I guess it didnt bother me because it was my first time going, but I really didnt think it was that bad. It was a little strange to see goats in the road, but entertaining as well.
When we got to CN, they had champagne and cold towels waiting while we signed for the room. Our room was ready for us, so we went to unpack. We were in building 4 on the third floor. I liked being on the top floor because we kept the curtains open the entire time. It looked like if you were on the bottom, people walking by may be able to see in your room. I am sure no one would purposely do that but I felt more comfortable on the top floor.
Oh, and the mini bar. I was confused at first, because on the sheet you fill out you can only have one bottle of most things offered. And I thought that for the alcohol you would get just a little shot bottle, not that we needed it as the bars make you whatever you want, but still.So, we ordered one of pretty much everything in case we just wanted to sit on the balcony before bed with a drink. Well, when we got back to our room, they left us a BIG bottle of vodka, rum, gin, and I dont think we ordered the whiskey. I was not expecting that. I was kind of embarrassed, so I did have them take 2 back the next day. Oh, and the Ting. AHHHHHHHH was very good. NOw, I see what everyone is talking about.
The food was delicious. There was nothing that I did not enjoy. I loved the breakfast buffet. They had everything. There is nothing more that you could ask for in the food. Drinks were even better. And I loved the Bob Marley shots. However, I did get a little sick that night, but then was fine. Oh, and my husband was able to peek at me through the windows by the shower. Which I didnt even realize were there until then.
The pool was great but I love the ocean and beach. Normally, I am not an ocean person. We are from Philly, so the closest beaches are in New Jersey and they are not clean. The only way I can describe the ocean at CN is "It is like taking a bath with sand at the bottom of the tub. It is very clean and you can see to the bottom no matter how far you go out. We could have laid out there all day, actually we did. LOL. My husband did have a little trouble getting on the float thing the first time, but loved it once he got the hang of it.
The only time we left the resort was for the shopping shuttle. Times Square was great but the craft market was a little overwhelming. I mean it was still good shopping and I did buy a few things, but they were much more aggressive there. There was a guy that talked us into looking at his shops upstairs and then sold us necklaces. There were 2 stores upstairs, one was woman's clothing store that would only fit a twig, and the other was a sex shop. Then he did get us to buy two necklaces for 12 bucks each and they were really nice so that price wasnt so bad, but then he wanted money for himself and he was right there trying to see how much money we had. My husband gave him a couple dollars and then all of a sudden here comes another guy looking for money we just kept walking back to the bus. Oh, and the guy that sold us the necklaces brought us back behind the store area which I dont even think was part of where we were supposed to be. There was this guy selling necklaces and wood carvings. I told him I bought the same necklace on the beach yesterday and he kept saying "No, this is different." So, he tried to get my husband to buy one for himself and he doesn't wear necklaces but the man talked him into trying it on. My husband said no again and the man said, "No we made a deal, you said okay, you are really pissing me off." So, we just paid the 10 bucks and left. You can tell that the vendors need the money and you feel bad but you can not buy from everyone. I guess my only advice would be that if you are not interested just say, No thanks. and walk away. Which I know we should have and were told to do, but Lesson learned, right? None of that was a complaint, just sharing experiences. I have no complaints from our trip. I really would encourage to try the shopping trip at least once, especially if you are bringing back souvenirs. You can find more for less than in the gift shops.

They have plenty of activities. My husband won the pool tournament they had, but wasnt sure what he was supposed to do with the "Funny Money". I think he just like the fact that he won. The night before we left they had a beach party and bonfire. It was amazing. Then it was time to go pack. BOO HOO!

As, I said in the beginning, we are looking into booking our next trip already and this time stay for as long as we can afford.

Oh, when we got back to Philly airport, the officer that checked our passports and paperwork took us to the secondary inspections room. We were there for about an hour, but it felt like ten. We had no idea why we were there. The only other people in the room were non-Americans and it seemed like they were all in trouble for something. We just sat there not saying a word. We wanted to ask somebody what was going on, but were afraid to. My husband kept thinking it was my fault because they did ask if we brought any alcohol back and I said just 2 little bottles of Rum Cream, which I did state on the form. I kept thinking he brought something back that he shouldn't have. So, after the long wait, an officer calls us up. And says........................... "Mr Jackson, I am so sorry for the wait and I am also sorry to tell you that it was mistaken identity. We were looking for someone else. You know you have a very common name." We were not even mad, we just said, no problem, thank you. I mean, what could we really say?

Sorry this was so long. I actually could have made it longer, because there are so many good things to say about CN.