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    Default CSS end of june 2010 (approx)

    we'll be there at CSS for our 1st time & our 33rd aniv. we were at hedo3 last time. we're looking for the same atmosphere,but with a higher rating quality (so to speak). any info,suggestions are welcome. should be down there approx. june 26th 2010. due to her work sched. we cant wait, winter in illinois sucks.

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    Vito, we'll save you a spot on SSB. This will be our third trip to CSS, and wouldn't go anywhere else. SSB is the best, but is not a H style resort. We did turn the rock painting into body painting, and liked the naked dance lessons, but other than that, never saw any open signs of affection. SSB is a great place to meet people, and you can get a massage right on the beach w/o putting on your clothes. I think they even have a volleyball court now. We'll be there from the 22nd to the 29th of June 2010. We'll have a drink waiting for you!..See you then!!..Mike-n-Sue

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    our email is tell us more when you get time. we've got a few questions, regarding alcohol, pictures if allowed, activity's,etc. hope to hear from you(s).

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