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    Default CD Player For Wedding Music

    Does the CD player for the music they use during your ceremony play songs in .mp3 format or does it have to be a regular CD (WMA format)? I don't want to burn my CD in the wrong format and later be disappointed.

    Another question along the same lines:
    Is there a way to use your I-Pod for the wedding music? I could create a wedding playlist and save time/space by only brining my I-Pod.

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    I'm not sure what format my CD was in but I burned it through my Itunes program if that helps. And there are Ipod docking stations in the rooms but for your wedding you have to have a CD. Maybe you should just burn a CD in each format and when you get down there just ask her which one she wants. Just a thought...Good luck!

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    Default burn different formats

    I saw lots of diferent answers to this when we got married.We brought 3 different formats because they are small enough to do that just incase some of their equipment isn't working and they need to use a different type

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    At CSA in December they used our ipod and played directly from it. They said they normally transfer your cd to their ipod as they have had issues with cds in the past.

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